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I have a 7 yr old Sony LCD Projection TV, KF-42WE610, serial

Resolved Question:

I have a 7 yr old Sony LCD Projection TV, KF-42WE610, serial(NNN) NNN-NNNN It has a screen 'burn' located lower left, is yellow and in the shape of a pretzel about 4"x 5". It's been there for 4-5 years. I've been operated the set in the 'NORMAL' mode since the other three 'wide' modes give me too much distortion. In this NORMAL mode I barely see the yellow 'burn'. All these years I've been viewing a max 27" wide picture on the 42' screen. The 'burn' is just barely visible on the left side. Recently I installed HD and I now can get undistorted full screen pictures. It's beautifull however the 'burn' stands out especially on a white background. Now I would like to keep the set. Can you advise how I could remove the yellow pretzel without costing a fortune.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Anthony F. replied 7 years ago.
Hello JA Customer
I have been fixing Tv and Electronics since I was 5 years old
With better than 20 years experience and 17 years in business
There is a Class Action issue over this now
Call Sony
Tell them you have a Bad "Optical Block"
the part is thousands of dollars
see if Sony will cover it for you
if not you wont fix it
but they may cover the part or labor or both
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As you suggested, I contacted Sony (by phone). Got somebody from Bangladesh I think - very hard to understand. I'm guessing somwhat, but I believe he said I would be e-mailed by Sony as to what action Sony will take regarding this Optical Block problem of mine. Sounded like some sort of discount on a TV not using the optical block. I did get an email the next day from Sony but it was only a survey regarding the quality of their customer service performanceI. They did assign a (case) number to my contact. Can you tell me if in facf this optical block matter of Sony's is covered by a Class Action suit. My problem still exists even with your excellent help. I have to find a way to contact the right people at Sony. Do you have any suggestions?
Expert:  Anthony F. replied 7 years ago.

You have a case number XXXXX to it whenever you call them
Here is what I know
Your TV was a big problem and I have chaqnged hundreds of them in and out of warranty all paid for SONY
Use words like Lawyer and Attourney General when you speak to them
I was an Authprized Servicer for Sony for 10 years
I dropped them last year
when the whole company changed
and downgraded product and service
So i dont know what the current procedure is

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