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I have the Samsung LCD TV model LE32R8 for about 2 years.

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I have the Samsung LCD TV model LE32R8 for about 2 years. It was supposed to have a PIP (picture-in-picture) feature. I have never been able to make it work because of the built-in digital receiver. How can I make it operate on analog mode? In my country - Greece, Europe - we have recently had (18 June) the digital receiver system for some local TV channels and since then I cannot receive CNN. Is there something I can do to make my TV analog for some channels and digital with the digital receiver top-box for others?

Actually the way PIP works is you have to use your TV tuner for one picture and ANY other INPUT for the second picture....


Knowing that, can you provide yourself with a setup that can do what you want it to do?


Maybe you should consider two digital tuners for your TV set, that way you can recieve the analog station's digital transmission AND get any Digital station that you want in PIP mode.


All you have to do is set one of the tuners to use either SCART or HDMI for CNN and get your Local stations using their Digital signal.


Other than that, attempting to get an Analog Station would require an Analog to SCART tuner box.


The KEY is to use the tuner to recieve whatever stations you need, and use the SCART/HDMI to recieve the other. CNN is really only available on the Cable box.


If you have any questions, just ask


Thank you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I just now got the chance to read it but I think I was not very clear with my question.


When I bought my TV 2 years ago, it already had a built-in digital receiver and I could receive 4 extra channels for which I had to press the DTV button on my remote control and then press the TV button to go back to the local channels and CNN. Since the beginning, though, I could not get the PIP operating, except at some point when I was messing around the digital receiver box, before 18 June which is when we got the country-wide digital broadcasting for some local channels, and I got the PIP with 2 channels on the screen (not the DVD player or another input, plus a channel) for a moment and then I lost it again. The book with the directions that came with the TV states that two channels can be played in PIP. Why couldn't I do it and why can I still not?


Now that we have in my country the digital broadcasting system for some of the local channels the only thing that changed by putting the digital receiver box is that I have a better picture on 6 of the 30 channels I used to receive, and still receive, and I have lost CNN and a local Business-Finance channel. I still have to press the DTV button on the remote control in order to watch the 4 extra channels.


I have not tried yet any of your suggestions but explain to me please what do you mean when you say that CNN is really available only on cable box. Do I have to install some specific device, and what is it? Must I have a subscription with another broadcasting service?


Please send me an answer. I do accept your answer anyway and I will accept to pay as soon as you send me the answer to this last question. Thanks for your time.

Well, the ONLY way you can get 2 different channels at the same time on your TV would be if you had TWO tuners in it.


Now you do have the DIGITAL TUNER --That works, but the problem is They turned off the ANALOG channels, so your analog signal doesn't even exist right now. That was your second tuner, now it's obsolete !


So, now you are forced to use one of your Video inputs for the second picture.


However, if you look around at some of your electronic stores, you may find a Digital to "Video output" reciever -- That will become your 2nd tuner and it connects to the Video input on your TV set, so the TV can fulfill it's need for one video input being used, and using the Digital tuner as another input.


I'm pretty sure you can search for a "Digital converter box" online. Try "dvb-t tuner box"

and see what comes up there.



As for CNN and any comments I made about that, CNN isn't FREE over the air -- we have to buy satellite or Cable services to even get it.


The only channels we get over the air is NBC, ABC, CBS, CW and PBS and some other lame channel that I don't care about.


If you get CNN without a cable or satellite, you are very fortunate.


The BEST way to explain your situation is you do need to use the Digital tuner built into your TV set along with another DIGITAL tuner that can be plugged into one of your Video inputs. When you press the PIP button, you can select different INPUTS by using your Input button on your remote. It may be labled source or input, but it's the same button you use to choose your DVD player when you want to watch that.


If you still have your instruction book for your TV set, there is a chapter that tells you which buttons you should use.


If you have any questions, just ask


Thank you.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your time. You have been very helpful.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX have any issues you can get back with me, by saving your last email and clicking on the URL in that email.