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My Vizio 42 HDTV is now in Closed Caption mode of OFF ,

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My Vizio 42" HDTV is now in "Closed Caption" mode of "OFF", but the the TV is showing the conversation. I have tried using the procedure in the handbook, but I have been unable to get the CC to change from "OFF" to "ON" ( the TV looks as though it is operating in CC--"ON".) It just switched to this mode, as I do not recall intentionally wanting CC--"ON".
Can you help me to understand what might be the condition or problem?

Thanks, JG
Hi There,

Do you have a cable or satellite box connected by any chance ?

If so could you provide me with the manufacturer and model number ?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have Suddenlink Cable Service. The Cable box is: PACE TDC 787X HD DVR with a --Universal Electronics, ATLAS OCAP 5-Device Remote Control. JG
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
James, ---How is it going for getting a resolution?
Hi There,

Sorry for the delay, I was having internet connectivity issues at my end,

1. Make sure that your set-top is turned on (the POWER light is green).

2. Press the POWER button on your set-top (the POWER light goes red), then press the MENU button.

“ASPt” (or another of the 8 “words” shown right) should then appear on the front-panel display. If it does not appear, press the MENU button again. You should see the PACE USER SETTINGS menu on your TV screen.

3. Press the Up or Down button until the front panel shows “CC”. On the PACE USER SETTINGS menu, Closed Captions is highlighted when “CC” is on the front panel.
4. Press the Right directional button. The Closed Captions menu appears on your TV screen, see right. The current Closed Captions (CC) setting, either “ON” or “OFF” is highlighted on the menu.
5. If you want to change the setting, press the SELECT button - the setting changes.
6. Press the Left directional button. The front panel shows “CC” again and the PACE USER SETTINGS menu reappears.

7. Press the POWER button to remove the PACE USER SETTINGS menu and return to normal viewing.

This should turn closed captions off.

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