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Rod, TV & Communications Sys Repair
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Experience:  FCC Commercial License, Previous owner of Electronics Repair shop, 40+ years in electronic systems.
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I have a Olevia 265FHD-T11, as the power button press the picture

Customer Question

I have a Olevia 265FHD-T11, as the power button press the picture come on for a second and goes blank. all voltage 24v, 22v, 5v and 4v stays as normal on both power supplies.
All caps tested ok, all fuses on all boards test ok, all connections reseted. all invertors
boards checked no sign off burn. could be the contorl board or main board bad?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Rod replied 7 years ago.
Hi JA Customer,

I do not have service information for that specific model, but the notes I have says this unit has master and slave inverters (powering different portions of the back lights). An inverter failure will not always show signs of burns - but your symptoms, with the picture coming on and then the TV shutting down, indicates and over current protection shutdown - which is a signal to the main board or digital main board (some are both).

The 24vdc should be the inverter supply voltage - as a test - try removing the power supply connection to the 24vdc and see if the TV will come on and you have audio (sometimes any circuit failure will shutdown a TV - but depends how they designed the logic).

If you have sound but no picture and the TV does not shutdown, then I would suspect the one of the inverters - usually its the master. Of course, it could be the control and/or digital main board if it still does not function - but sometimes this test will isolate the shutdown problem.

Hope this helps.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Rod,

This is not shut down, because after picture come and goes off, i check all

voltage stays the same as before, as you said I tried to unplug the 24V line one

by one and still doing the same. The left power supply is kind of cold like not much

drows the current from it.


Any where, thank for your fast responsed

Expert:  Rod replied 7 years ago.

Sorry I did not respond to your reply, but I did not get a notice that you had replied, nor did your question show back up in my queue - with a reply.

So what you are saying is all that happens is the picture cuts out and back on - the TV still functions - sound, volume, etc. just no picture?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi rod,


As the power button press the light will come on very clear I

can see the full screem with Olevia on the screen for just 1 second,

and then light goes off. Set has no functions, no volume, no sound.

I inject input from DVD player and from the salelite to the RF connector

and the video/audio inputs. there are no sound, no picture.


I attack my meter to the 24V line and monitor the voltage while the light

come on and goes of, at that point the voltage is not change, little change

goes higher to 25V on the right power supply board compare to the left one.


I try to unplug the LVDS cable from the T CON to the main board and there

is nothing change. I also tried to unplug the 24V line to the 2 invertors and all

slave invertors one by one, and still doing same. when I unplug the main inverter

and turn on I still see a small flash and goes of right away.


All the 22V . 4V, 5V, and 12V are stays no change as the light goes of.






Expert:  Rod replied 7 years ago.

This would point to the digital main board - there is software/firmware that the TV actually "boots up". Seeing the Olevia screen is the initial sequence of the boot process (like your computer) - but then no response or other inputs working would indicate the digital main board.