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How do I get the IP address of my Sony Bravia TV I need to

Customer Question

How do I get the IP address of my Sony Bravia TV? I need to give this information to the 'send from PC to TV' program. The readme file for this program says 'This
can be found from the TV menu. Press "Home" on the TV remote and navigate to the following -
Settings -> Internet Video -> Device Information
However the Internet Video link does not appear in my Settings menu and I can't get the device information.
Internet TV itself works fine, it's just sending from PC to TV
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Jon Waldrip replied 7 years ago.

Can you please double check the model number of your TV?


I cannot find any info on the model number - KDL32NX503U



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

OK Jon, I hope this helps. The model number sometimes has a hyphen in it and no letter 'U' at the end: KDL-32NX503

Sony link to this model:


As I said, I have easily connected my TV to the internet - this didn't require the TV's IP address - and can stream content without difficulty. However when trying to send from my PC to TV using the Sony plugin on my PC (see below) I get a 'Content Error' message on my TV screen. It's clearly receiving something because the TV picture goes off. It's step 3 of the setup below I can't get to, It doesn't show 'internet video/device information' when I press the 'settings' button.


HomeRegistrationPersonalized ServicesFAQ's
This utility supports select Sony IPTV capable televisions.
Send_from_PC_to_TV Beta Utility



Send_from_PC_to_TV is an application that enables you to:

1. Send compatible Internet video content from your computer to select BRAVIA TVs.

2. Control the playback of content on your BRAVIA Internet capable TV from your computer (Pause/Stop)

Video Compatibility:

BRAVIA Internet TVs play only Windows Media version 9, MPEG4 part 10, H.264, and AVC content. Content selected may not be accessible due to the video provider's security or technical requirements.

Minimum Platform Requirements:

PC running Windows XP, Service Pack 2, Pentium 4 processor 1.7GHz or greater, 512Mbyte of RAM available, home broadband network with a minimum data rate of 3.0 Mbits / S, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or Firefox version


This application is made available to BRAVIA Internet capable TV users with the following conditions:

The application is beta software and Sony assumes no responsibility associated with its use, performance or misuse. The Send_from_PC_to_TV application is intended only for personal use with a home network and BRAVIA Internet capable TV. No technical support is available from Sony for this application, its installation, or its use.


1. Make sure your TV has HDMI control turned ON.

2. Install the FireFox/Internet Explorer plug-ins below.

3. On your TV go to Settings -> Internet Video -> Device Information and read the IP address assigned to the unit. Record this value for use in configuring the plug-in applications below.

Send_from_PC_to_TV is an unofficial feature of select models of Sony BRAVIA IPTV capable televisions.


Plug-in for Internet Explorer


1 Install the plugin by double clicking the install file from its saved location.

2 Restart Internet Explorer after the install completes.

3 Set the IP Address of your BRAVIA TV: Go to Start -> All Programs -> Send_from_PC_to_TV -> Send_from_PC_to_TV Config

4. You are now ready to send videos to your BRAVIA television


Download Send_from_PC_to_TV for Internet Explorer (right-click and save)

Plug-in for Firefox

Does not support the "Auto Discovery" feature described in Plug-in for Internet Explorer


1 Install the plugin by opening file from within Firefox.

2. Restart Firefox after the install completes.

3. Set the IP Address of your BRAVIA television: Go to Tools -> Send_from_PC_to_TV Options.

4. You are now ready to send videos to your BRAVIA television.


Download Send_from_PC_to_TV for Firefox (right-click and save)

Accessing Send_from_PC_to_TV:

1. Press HOME on your remote control.

2. Scroll left to the Settings Menu.

3. Scroll down and select Internet Video.

4. Scroll down and select Send_from_PC_to_TV.

5. Select "Enable".

*Send_from_PC_to_TV does not function unless it is manually enabled

Expert:  Jon Waldrip replied 7 years ago.
I am opting out of this question so another expert who may be more familiar with European model TV's can help you