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I have an LG 32LX1D LCD TV with a flashing red power light

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I have an LG 32LX1D LCD TV with a flashing red power light that will not turn on. Based on a internet search I figure it is the power supply. What are the odds of this being correct? I found a source for on for ~$160 for the module. Is this a fair price and can some one with some electronics repair experience (Scanning Electron Microscopes) be able to install this with common electronics tools.
Hi There,

Typically the first thing I would check is the power supply, take the back of the TV off, and check the PSU board, have a look and see if any of the capacitors are damaged, if they are then you can either swap them out or just install a new powersupply.

As for swapping out the parts, most modern sets are fairly modular inside, I'm unable to find the service manual for your set in my database, but most the sets I've worked on in the past few years all have multi-pin connectors, allowing you to swap boards out in minutes.

At most you might have to desolder a couple of connections, but you won't have to do anything more than this.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Time and labor on this is an important issue. If the issue is not visible - i.e. blowncaps, then is this most likely the issue. Replacing the caps is not probably very effective for me due to the time it takes to find them and then deal with other potentential issues if the blown caps created other problems. I would rather just replace the board is this is highly likely or take the unit to a certified shop if it might as likely be something else as I do not want to blow $160 on a board I might likely not need and then have to also pay someone else to fix it. This unit is used as a display for a business and has to be repaired if possible as it is custom fitted into a wall.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

While waiting for the answer I opened the unit up but see obvious blown caps. Still awaiting answer to my original question as to the liklelyhood it is the Power Supply with the symptons I have described.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Update blew out the unit with canned air and plugged it in again after checking fuse. Symptons have changed. Now the power light is cycling between red and green and the fan starts, then stops. This happens repeatly till the power is removed. Still need to know what the probability of this being the power supply is and I am approaching decision time. Can't wait on this much longer. My plan is to do a quick internet search for the new symptoms, and if nothing concrete pops up to go to lunch. If I don't receive a reply by the time I come back. I will decline the answer and make my decision as to trust my gut instinct or take it to a shop. So far what you have offered me is not differnent from what I have found on the Internet already.

Hi There,

Given that you can see visibly damaged caps, then it is most defiantly the fault of the power supply. I'd suggest that you buy the replacement board and get it swapped over.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry for the confusion. I apologize for this error in proofreading. My typing got ahead of my keyboard and somehow the word no idid not appear in the sentence "see obvious blown caps". It should have read "I see NO obvious blown caps." As you indicated such an observation would have been a no brainer for the supply board. However there is no visible damage showing on any of the components.

So once again, what in your opinion is the probability that the symptoms indicate the Power Supply. Hopefully you can get back to me shortly so I can provide a status report to my boss and we can get the part ordered today or get it to a shop.

Thank you for reading this.

Hi There,

Ah, this changes things, typically you'd expect to see damaged caps on the board, given that this is not the case, I'd suggest you take it down to a local electronics shop. They'll be able to check the voltages out of the PSU with a meter, there a quite a number of components that are likely to fail in a set.

The component that is most likely to fail is the Caps on the PSU, hence me suggesting you buy the board if you could see actual damage. Since you can not, it's very possible that one of the other boards has gone faulty, and is bringing the PSU down with it. It will no doubt be cheaper, to get the shop to run a few tests on it, and swap out a single faulty board.

James and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you. This helps. I will take a second look at all the boards with a binocular magnifier and inspection light, and if I find nothing I will then take it to the shop or replace the unit. Thanks again.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
FYI: After blowing it out and leaving it flashing red/green for ~3min, it turned green and started working again. As of right now it still is. Leaving on overnight for test. Hope it was just a dust bridge causing the issue and not an intermittent. Otherwise it probably is not worth fixing for as you must well know, random intermittents may never get reliably fixed without total board replacements, unless the tech is real lucky or has previously experienced the same issue and fixed it. Spend $300 on a repair with a replacement cost of ~$500 if the repair cannot be reliably guaranteed is simply not good economics. Given what I have read regarding LG in my research and the "support" provided by the company itself, I doubt that I would recommend a replacement unit be manufactured by LG. They seem to have more than their fair share of PS issues, and not generally having replacement boards available on units less than 5 years old is 2 strikes against it for me. Thanks again for your assistance and I hope this resolution helps you on future issues.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

After working for several days it quit again. Unfortunately what I seem to have is an intermittent. As a subscriber to (SF Bay Area), a non-profit services rating service, support by subscribers, I have picked a recommended service provider in my area, and he is taking a look at the unit today. I still suspect a bad supply ($160) for the board, but for $35 it is worth having an expert actually take responsibility for it.


Further research into LG indicates it was formally known as Goldstar. This was a company known for attractive pricing but not necessarly for quality. Company's to change but given this experience, along with what I have read about their issues and customer service, LG would probably not be my first choice for a replacement recommendation if asked, should it come down to that.


Thanks again for your assistance.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Issue was standby voltage in power supply. Bad capacitor with no visible signs of failure. Had capacitor replaced rather than entire board ($160.) Cost including estimate, parts and labor for on-site repair was $195 with 90 day warranty.