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Rick williams
Rick williams, Technician
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A red line has appeared down the middle of my flat screen tv.

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A red line has appeared down the middle of my flat screen tv. At first it would come and go randomly after the tv was turned on for a while but it started to appear every time the tv was turned on and would remain on the screen for maybe 20 mins or an hour or longer!

It happened 10 months after purchase and i had it repaired but has now happened again a further 12 months after the first time (and since it was repaired).

Would this be a manufacturing fault with the tv or something else?



Hello friend, Thank you for posting your question on Just Answer! I will be happy to help you with this problem.


This is a Panel problem and i would call and scream really, can you squeeze the panel at the edge and notice any difference,, And is it on ALL inputs such as dvd player also??

And being it happens once warm you can test the controller board.


Friend you have a thermo problem, Unit is showing a line after? Min. There is no one set answer for this issue, but there is a trick you can try that I use. And that would be to open the set, Turn on and use a hair dryer blow some heat on the controller board, this is the small board in the center of the Panel. Then the Signal board, Basically each board inside, The bad board will cause the line quicker than 10min, This is how you can Isolate the problem, And once you have order that board and you should be fine.


Well Good luck friend, and if my efforts on trying to help you save on those large labor charges are appreciated, feedback and a bonus will be appreciated



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thays great thanks so does that really mean that the bad board panel bit is actually faulty and would have been faulty when the tv was purchased or what would have caused the board problem?
possibly just bad manufacturing, When they repaired it once and it failed again, Or if they just soldered around the controller board and it was a temporary fix, cant think of much more,, Bad design, i think you get the picture friend.
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