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My Hitachi 42" LCD TV keeps turning off and on

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Hi my hitachi 42 inch lcd tv keeps turning off and on on its own ?. It stays on for a few seconds and then turns of for about 10 seconds then back on. I have unplugd it and rebooted it and it just keeps going on and off.

Is this the model number on the tv. and also send chassis number

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Yes this is the model Hitachi 42" inch L42LDF30UA Digtial HD LCD TV + FREEVIEW‏

the numbers at the back of the lcd tv are

10059091 0907 900040

-6505470 900040


This problem started about a week and a half ago. Watching tv then it just went off on its own and the power light in the center of the tv went of as well as if there was no power then it just lit up again and switched itself back on. It did this about 9 times then it seemed to go ok again. Then it started again then ok but now if you turn it off at the standby button or remote and go to bed etc ten minuets later it turns itself back on so now you have to turn it off at the switch at the back or unplug it. It is now even worse over the past two days as soon as you power it up from the switch its ok for a couple of minutes then it turns of i counted how long it takes to switch back on and every 8-9 seconds it starts up for about 30 secs then off for 8 - 9 seconds this is now just ongoing no matter what i do hope this helps thanks.

Are you in the UK?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes i'm in the UK

Ok, this is why i cant get this manual, But i will tell you this and if it helps great. this sounds like the controller board( board with buttons) You can isolate this issue, open the tv up disconnect this small board turn tv on by remote, if plays ok, then this board may just have a sticky button, or the board may need new buttons.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi thanks

Can this be done by myself and what would i be looking for ie where would the board be next to the standby button ?.

power on channel change this is the board friend. and yes you can do this yourself, make sure before opening that the power button isn't sticky, remote or tv
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