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I have a Mitsubishi tv. model WD-60737. It has been shutting

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I have a Mitsubishi tv. model WD-60737. It has been shutting off randomly. Sometimes it will work ok for a few days, then shut off, sometimes it will work for 5 minutes. There is an XXXXX XXXXXght on the front that will blink. The count I got tonight when it shut off was 8, but sometimes it will just blink continuosly for a couple of minutes. I have had a tv repair man come out to look at it last week, but he checked the lamp, said it was ok, and said call him back if it did it again. Any ideas on what this could be?
Hello, this is the STATUS light that is flashing amber, correct?

Please try a test for me...

After the TV has shut down:

Press and hold the ACTIVITY and Channel DOWN on the front panel until the status light starts flashing. It will flash a two digit code: 3-4, 4-2, 6-6, etc.

Please post the code to help determine which section is failing. Make sure you do the test before pressing Power, Reset, or unplugging the set.

Also, what is the purchase date of the TV?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes, the XXXXX XXXXXght is the one flashing when the tv shuts off.


The purchase date is 11/25/09. I know it's still under warrenty, but the tv repair man around here who services Mitsubishi has no idea what's going on.


The tv cut off earlier tonight and I did not reset the power or touch any buttons. I pressed the activity and channel down buttins and got a green light flashing 1-2. I have since turned the tv back on and am waiting for it to shut off again to press those buttons again to see what I get then.

Okay, thank you. The code 1-2 indicates no problem, so hopefully a failure code will show up next time. When it does, please just respond to this post and I should be here shortly (if not on-line already).
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Alright, just had the tv shut off. I pressed the buttons and got a code of 3-2. Thanks again.
Okay, thank you, XXXXX XXXXX perfect sense. The flashing XXXXX XXXXXght and an error code of 3-2 indicates a problem with the lamp cover interlock switch. The most likely cause is a loose "CD" connector at the switch, but the switch itself may also be intermittent. This is not a very common problem, but I have seen it two or three times (so far).

If you call your local Mitsubishi servicer and report the code you have found, they will very likely order a switch and replace it, even if the problem is just the connector. It is easier for the servicer to be paid by Mitsubishi if they replace a part, and it will save a possible repeat service call. If needed, the part number is XXXXX and it sells for $4.20.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way.

Edited by Steve on 3/9/2010 at 12:13 AM EST
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