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samsung lcd tv not turning on just continuaqly making a clicking

Customer Question

samsung lcd tv not turning on just continuaqly making a clicking noise like it is trying to come on but dosent
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 7 years ago.

That sounds like bad capacitors on your power supply board....


If you remove your TV's back panel and look at the board located in the center of the TV set, you will notice little cans located on that board. Those are capacitors.

Now if you look at the TOP of those cans, they should be FLAT, not BULGING or rounded. If you have rounded cans, those have failed and they Must be replaced.


The values of those caps are located on the plastic on the side of them.

There are 2 values you need to get....


xxxxuf -this is the storage capacity, you may see 1000uf or maybe 2200uf listed on them.


xxV -- this is the maximum voltage that the capacitor can handle, you may see 10V or 16V on it.


You can increase either one of those numbers higher and they will work fine, all you are doing is increasing the capacity or increasing the maximum voltage. So you can install a 1500uf/25V in place of a 1000uf/10V capacitor. Also, that is how you can google them online and find a source for it.


Now you will need a soldering iron, some solder, some desoldering braid to remove those capacitors, and a set of diagonal cutters to trim the capacitor legs off. You should also search for "radial" capacitors as they have BOTH legs on the same side of the capacitor, they are also known as "board mount" caps.


It's easy to remove the caps, as you just heat up the solder, and walk the leg out of the hole, then apply your soldering iron to the desoldering braid and let the braid suck up the left over solder. Install the new capacitors, matching the stripe with the thicker band on the board, or just remember where the stripe was located. It's best to place a mark where the stripe was.


The capacitors should be the FIRST step in this repair.


Once you replace those, IF YOU STILL HAVE CLICKING, then try this.


On this model the eeprom is IC 1803 (24C256) 8 pin IC and is located on the underside of the main board near the common interface. The clock and data pins are pins 5 and 6 and are identifiable by the 100 ohm smd resistors connected to each of them.

Fit a shorting link (on long wires) between the pins. Reassemble the chassis. Switch on and then remove the short. Bring the set out of standby. Now access the service mode as follows-
Using the remote control, switch to standby, press info, menu, mute and power.


The set should start and display the service menu. Using scroll keys select item 8 and enter by scrolling right.

Select "tuner" and set to auto. Revert to previous screen by pressing menu.

Now scroll to "reset" and enter by scrolling right. The set will revert to standby. Power unit back on and tune in stations.


That will reset your TV set and the clicking should stop. Only do this second step if it's necessary to do so.


If you have any questions, just ask.

If you are finished, please press the ACCEPT button


Thank you