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Rick williams
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I just replace the ballast and the lamp on my toshiba 52hm84.

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I just replace the ballast and the lamp on my toshiba 52hm84. before i replace the back cover on I tryed to turn the tv on to see if all is good. i held down the lamp door sensor and turn tv power on, the lamp starts to ignite but then goes off, then the tv cycles the power and it does it all over again, indicating lamp or ballast problem like before. Does this mean i got a bad ballaste still?

Hello friend, Thank you for posting your question on Just Answer! I will be happy to help you with this



Try this test Were the wire is that runs from the ballast to the power supply, make sure it reads around 300vdc if it doesn't you need a power supply if it does you need A BALLAST. You can make sure the capacitors close to the connector are flat on the top if not you may have bad capacitors. It will be easy to see if The power supply and ballast has bad capacitors they will not be as flat on the top as the good ones, this is the problem.


Let me know how you make out.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry i never received the alert that my question was answered. OK, the capacitors are all flat, on the yellow wire that connects to the ballast reads 320volts. When I connect the yellow power to the ballast and probe the connetors where the lamp connects and turn the tv power on I get 320 volts on inicial power up and then it drops to 0 volts then back to 320 volts when the tv resets and try to cycle the power up again... I checked the Diode on the ballast (location CR1,diode label GV 249) and it is open, would this cause this problem?

By golly sounds like you have a bad ballast, But never probe were the Lamp connects, it will bow your meter, Here is thousands of volts.




Well Good luck friend, and if my efforts on trying to help you save on those large labor charges are appreciated, feedback and a bonus will be appreciated



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you for you help, looks like i will return this ballast and get a new one...