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I have a Sony Bravia 46 TV. The problem I get is that in the

Resolved Question:

I have a Sony Bravia 46 TV. The problem I get is that in the middle of a TV show the picture freezes on me and I have to change the channel and then go back to unfreeze it. it happens maybe once per hour. This is a new TV. how to i fix this permanently as this seems to always happen right at the good part of a movie
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 7 years ago.

Are you using Cable? Satellite?

Outdoor Antenna?


Does it also freeze if you are watching a DVD?

Do you also lose sound when it freezes?


It may be the tuner OR it may be a problem with the TCON or Signal board.


When it freezes, see if you can activate the TV's Menu and it displays, that might help to isolate the problem down (gets rid of the Tcon being at fault)

Edited by TV Tech1 on 2/18/2010 at 12:21 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I do not have it hooked up to a DVD player to know if it freezes during DVDs


I do have Comcast cable hooked up. when the picture freezes it almost looks like I hit " pause" where the picture is frozen on the screen and there is no sound either. The only thing i can do to fix it is to quickly change the channel and change it back again.

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 7 years ago.

Can you activate the Menu while it's frozen? I'm trying to figure out if it's Video lockup or System control lockup. Pointing to Video right now...


If you do have a DVD player, it would be helpful to test it with a movie. Your tuner could be locking up, and using a DVD player bypasses the tuner, thus isolating it down to the Video circuitry.


The menu test checks system control problems.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have to wait until it freezes again to test this, are you talking about the sony TV menu or the Menu for comcast cable ?


i will check everything the next time it freezes, most likely tonight.




Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 7 years ago.

Comcast cable box...I have had SO MANY FREEZES come from those boxes that I now believe your TV set is OK, and only showing the Cable box failure.....


And since it's a NEW Tv and the box has been around for 6 years (not in your home all the time) it makes sense it's the box.


But let's make sure....


You change the channel using the COMCAST Remote to fix the problem?


Yes -- It's the cable box


No I use the SONY remote -- It's the TV.


Let me know which one, ok?


If you have any questions, just ask.


If you are finished please press the ACCEPT button.


Thank you.



Edited by TV Tech1 on 2/20/2010 at 11:30 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

okay so the TV froze again yesterday. i was able to use the menu buttons on the TV remote AND the cable remote. both showed their respective menus. ( with the frozen picture behind the menu. )


while the picture was frozen i pushed every button from pause to play and nothing fixes it. the menu buttons work, but the only thing that fixes it is chaging the chanel on the cable.


the only way to fix it was to change the channel on the cable remote. as soon as the channel is changed it works agaoin fine...until it freezes again.


but you asked me to check the menu

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 7 years ago.

Yes, I did ask you to check the menu. The TV menu, but the CABLE menu ALSO SHOWS UP OK???

If it does, the TV is fine, because the CABLE MENU comes from the CABLE BOX and if it's clear, not distorted, then the Cable signal is getting over to the TV set with no problems.


That Cable Menu clearly would be distorted if it was in the TV set......


But I have to make sure your Cable remote isn't operating the TV's MENU....When you activate the Cable remote, the menu you see pop up is the TV's OR the CABLE box's MENU?


The cable box's menu is completely different and usually will show up only if the cable remote is used. Now you could try the CABLE box's TV GUIDE which is another menu from the box that will tell us that the TV is good or bad. Guide comes up, and looks GOOD, the TV is ok....


Cable boxes are VERY problematic and it's pointing to the cable box if the Menu from it looks good and the Picture is frozen.


Try unplugging the CABLE box's power cord for a full 5 minutes, plug it back in, give it a couple minutes to reboot the box and see if your frozen picture never comes back. If it does, swap the cable box with a new unit from your cable company.


If you have any more questions, just ask

If you are finished, please press the ACCEPT button.


Thank you



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