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I have a Sony Trinitron Aug 1995 Model KV-32XBR85 SER # 7000310.

Resolved Question:

I have a Sony Trinitron Aug 1995 Model KV-32XBR85 SER #(NNN) NNN-NNNN

The set has been great but it started making a noise every once in awhile and the picture would mess up for a second. Well last week the picture went out completely, solid black. Sound is fine. 10 YEARS ago I would say that the flyback transformer went out but that was then and this is now. The next day I turned it on and it worked for about 4 hours. Then it wouldn't work for about 5 days when it came on for about 2 minutes. I haven't opened it up yet. Thinking about calling in service.

What do you think???????
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Rod replied 7 years ago.

I'm sorry no one has responded sooner. You are somewhat correct, it is the horizontal output section of the TV that is causing your problem. CRT TVs still use flyback transformers and horizontal output transistors. If the sound you are hearing is a "snap" or arcing sound, its most likely the horizontal output section - this is where the high voltage is generated.

If it is only the horizontal output transistor, these can be replaced with generic substitutes, but the flyback transformer is manufacturer unique, and although Sony parts are more readily available - a flyback transformer may not be available for a TV that old.

A serviced estimate will run about $45-$75, depending on your location. The estimate charge will apply towards labor should you decide to have it repaired. For just the horizontal output transistor - a repair cost of about $150. If it is the flyback transformer, it will be more.

Sorry its not good news.


Edited by Rod on 2/10/2010 at 6:06 PM EST
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