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Samsung DLP TV is cycling on and off. Have performed reset.

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Samsung DLP TV is cycling on and off. Have performed reset. Cleared air vents and lamp area of dust. Lamp comes on. Startup jingle plays and green power light blinks. After a few seconds, a red light appears and TV goes off. Immediately, it cycles on again. Occasionally, it will stay on for long enough for picture to come up. 10 seconds at best.
Online service tech for Samsung had me remove the surge protector and plug directly into wall and do a reset which did not work. A similar problem is noted on Samsung site for a different model (the HL67A750) DLP TV and has a firmware upgrade to fix. Tech said I should not use that and wanted me to call out a technician. TV is no longer under warranty. Model: HL67A510J1FXZA. S/N: AL9M3CKQ501882Z.
GreetingsCustomer based on the model number, it appears you have the Costco version of the HLxxA650 Series 6 TV's by Samsung. This is the last model year that Samsung produced DLP TV's.

The cycling you describe is a design of the TV circuitry. It is normal for the TV to try and re-light the lamp if it goes out during start-up. Since you have already performed some of the basic troubleshooting, it may be that you need to replace the lamp. It is possible in some instances for a failing lamp to light but not be able to continue operating from the ballast power supply. There could also be a ballast power supply problem as well but will need to have the lamp replaced first to help narrow down the fault. This would be the least expensive option to begin with. Even if the lamp turns out to be good, you will have a spare on hand which you will eventually need anyway. I have included links below to one source.

Click here=> Lamp only

Click here=> Lamp w/ enclosure

If you need additional information, please let me know.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Replaced lamp. Same problem. Old lamp looks okay. How can I test it?

What's next? Ballast? Am I at that point I should just call in a technician?
There is no way to test a lamp other than to place it in operation. Even though there are changes that occur to a lamp and the glass envelope over time, there are usually no visible signs that you can see. These lamps do not use a filament and instead use an electric arc to ignite a gas.

The ballast circuit would be the next consideration along with the power supply line that feeds it. It could also be a miscommunication from the main board which sends a signal to the ballast to turn on the lamp when the color wheel and fans are operating properly.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
How can I test these components to find true failure point without replacing one part at a time. I do have a multimeter and voltage tester. I don't suspect power supply as components are getting power and the TV will come on. After replacing the lamp, I even had picture before it cycled off and back on. Colors looked find. I can hear afan though I know some of these models have three. Where is the problem most likely to be? Can I test the ballast somehow?
I will see if I can locate a service manual for Samsung's main HLxxA650 series 6 line.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Find it?
Sorry, nothing so far but I am still checking for sources other than my shop database.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No biggie. I'm going to go ahead and call out a tech to service.
It is probably just as well, if for no other reason than to get an estimate of what is wrong. The last thing you would want to do is create more of a problem than you already have.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Having a hard time finding a service outfit that will work on DLP tv's. I've gone further by pulling the optics chassis out and removed and cleaned the primary fan. It was a bit dusty, but not enough to hamper fan's operation. I also took this fan out and tested it. It is a working fan. What appears to be the case is the fan is never being tripped to come on during operation. Is there a temperature sensor or control that might be out? I am also considering going ahead and replacing the ballast. Could you help with identifying the part number? Nearly every part of touched has a BP number which I associate to Samsung. The ballast does not have any BP number. When I looked up on, I cannot find via search a matching Samsung ballast. Oddly, I did find a ballast labeled for Mitsibishi that looks identical to the one pulled from my Samsung. You can see it here: Before spending another $60, I want to confirm I'm getting the right one. Of course, is of no help.