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I have a disc stuck in my TV/DVD combo Toshiba Regza. Help

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I have a disc stuck in my TV/DVD combo Toshiba Regza. Help!
Hi and welcome to JustAnswer,

Initially, determine and postback the model number of the Toshiba TV/DVD combo, something like 32LV67U.

Offhand if it were a slot type loading system, a couple of tries for quick fix:
  • unplug and allow unpowered condition for an hour or so;
  • press and hold the EJECT button on the right side panel of the unit while plugging back in; or
  • power ON, insert a credit card like something through the side loading slot to 'fish' / 'jar' the erring disc while pressing and holding on the EJECT button; or
  • use a can of compressed air and spray through the tube like nozzle while pressing and holding on the EJECT button.

The idea is to fiddle with the disc stuck inside to initiate the unloading procedure(s).

Should all else fail, then the unit would require opening up.

Good luck and thank you for asking JustAnswer.

Edited by Benimur on 2/7/2010 at 9:55 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The model is either 32LV67 or 32LV67U. An additional piece of information is that there are actually two discs stuck. I had one in there, and one of my kids pushed another one it w/o removing the first one. UGH!!!
Appreciate the postback and additional information.

Two discs would be difficult. Deep reaching thin tweezers could be used but that would almost always scratch the disc rendering it unusable.

Edited by Benimur on 2/7/2010 at 3:02 PM EST
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