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I have a Sharp projector model XV Z12000 and just replace the

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I have a Sharp projector model XV Z12000 and just replaced the lamp. The projector works fine with the new lamp except I cannot reset the lamp hour meter to "0000". I tried the according to the manual by pushiing on the unit(enter,down,right and on at the same time) but it still won't reset. Can you help?


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Try disconnecting the powercord first wait for unit to cool down if its been used, it says in the service manual that initially the powercord is disconnected,re-connect then press enter/ arrow down/ arrow right you then press ON as the last thing to do,its very important sometimes that you get the sequence correct


Please post back if you still have probs




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I had already done as you have described right after I installed the new lamp. As a matter of fact when it didn't work the first time , I disconnected the power again after it cooled down and did the same sequence and the replace lamp icon came on again and the lamp hours still did not reset.




What is the status of the LEDS on the unit?ie which are lit and are any blinking at all temp/lamp/power



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry about getting back to you late. I wasn't at the location where the unit is. The lamp indicator is red, the power is blue and the temp is not lit.

Hello Tony


With the lamp led being red as well as the lamp hours not setting the micro still is locked into believing the old lamp is in


Are you sure the switches ie the buttons that you are pressing are all working?


Their isnt any other way to reset the lamp hours except this way


The projector eeprom could be reset I'm not sure of the settings necesary and I wouldnt want to do this without knowing the outcome


Tony I could upload the service manual if you like their is a factory initialise but to be honest I have never used it on one of these units so I'm not sure, its your call


When you press the selected buttons one is on the mainboard a tact switch, a menu comes up all as you really want as it doesnt say is to factory initialise like you just got the unit



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
If you could send me the manual I would appreciate it, I might find some clues as to how to get it to reset.

Hello Tony


Your looking for factory initialise

Dont get involved with anything else as you may not be able to go any further


Its valid for 30 minutes to download





Edited by Anthony Pr on 2/3/2010 at 4:51 PM EST
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