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I have a Samsung DVD-R119 DVD Recorder. It will record on disc

Resolved Question:

I have a Samsung DVD-R119 DVD Recorder. It will record on disc a programme from the television currently on, BUT will not record an alternative programme. In other words it will not record say a BBC 2 programme whilst we may be watching say a BBC 1 programme. Your advice would be appreciated
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  James replied 7 years ago.
Hi There,

The DVD-R119 only has a single tuner built in, and as a result you are only able to do one thing at once, with regards XXXXX XXXXX Some of the more expensive DVRs have dual tuners which allows you to watch a program on one tuner whilst the unit records from another tuner.

The best thing I can suggest is to get a cheap freeview box, and watch TV through the freeview box, and allow the DVD-R119 to use its single tuner for recording.

Some TVs also have freeview decoders / tuners built in, so you may be able to use this instead of buying a freeview box. If you provide me with the make and model of the TV I could confirm for you if it has a built in freeview tuner.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
we have a freeview set top box and the DVD did, prior to changeover to the new digital chanels, (from analogue) record an alternative programme if required.The DVD also defaults to analogue now, but I can of course convert it to digital with the Digi box commander. Recording now through the DVD is not very satisfactory if we are unable to select an alternative station!
Expert:  James replied 7 years ago.
Ah, I understand, you currently use the freeview box connected to the DVD recorder in order to record because the DVD recorder does not have a freeview tuner built in.

In that case my answer still stands, buy another Freeview box, and connect it directly to your TV, this way you can view the freeview on your television whilst the DVD recorder records Freeview from the other box.

All new DVD recorders now come with a built in freeview tuner, I must admit that due to the analogue switch off, a vast number of recorders now need a dedicated freeview box, if one wants to watch another program whilst recording.

Hope this helps

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The dvd is connected to both the television and and the freeview digibox via scart cables as per the diagrams in the instruction manual. Am I being too simplistic to expect this to record alternatives as described earlier either via immediate record or via the timer?
Expert:  James replied 7 years ago.
Yes, as I explained it's based on the number of tuners, in your setup, in order to view 2x freeview channels at one, (1 x Record + 1x View) you need to have 2x Freeview tuners.

Since you only have one tuner, it is unable to show one channel to the TV and one channel to the DVD recorder. You will need to purchase another freeview box to do this. You could instead replace the DVD recorder with a newer recorder which will have a freeview tuner built in. I suggested buying another box as this is a much cheaper option.

You were able to get around this in the past, as your recorder has an analogue tuner, so you were able to record channels 1-5 on that tuner, whilst watching anything from the digital tuner.

However, now the analogue signal is turned off the tuner within the DVD recorder is pretty much useless and you are returned to only being able to use one tuner.

Hope this makes sense, I must admit it is a little confusing to get your head around.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Many thanks James. Although not ideal you have answered the problem and I can now see the reason behind it all which I would have continued to battle with otherwise. Best wishes.
Expert:  James replied 7 years ago.
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