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I have a remote from a Panasonic Omnivision TV vcr combo (PV-M1324W)

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I have a remote from a Panasonic Omnivision TV vcr combo (PV-M1324W) which was locked out of operation when setting codes for a comcast universal remote. But now I cannot access any of the other functions and the Panasonic remote will no longer even turn the tv on or off at all. How can I reactivate the panasonic remote? There must be some kind of procedure or code to make the TV recognize it's original remote? I HOPE!
Greetings, I'm assuming the TV will operate manually with the buttons on the front of the TV, but not the remote. Right? First, you might try to reset the TV using this method:

Manually turn the TV on with front panel Power button. Then, with no cassette inserted, hold Play and Rewind buttons on front of the TV for 5 seconds or more. The TV should shut off. Turn it back on and go through the setup procedure. Try the remote and see if it works.

There is also a Child Lock mode that might be activated. With no cassette inserted, turn the power to the TV on manually, then hold REC/TIME on front of TV for 7 seconds or more. Should see "No Cassette Inserted...." Disregard this message and keep holding REC/TIME button until you see VCR LOCK OFF on screen. If you see VCR LOCK ACTIVATED then hold down REC/TIME again until VCR LOCK OFF appears on screen. Try the remote again.

The other possibility is that your TV remote or remote circuit simply is not working:

Here is a quick remote control test:

First, make sure you have new batteries in the remote. Then, using a digital camera powered on as your remote tester, aim the original Panasonic remote at the camera lens and press a button on the remote. Look into the screen on the camera while pressing a button and see if you see a bright blue light. If so, the remote control is working.

Therefore, I would suspect a defective remote receiver or power supply circuit in the TV. If you're experience repairing TV's I can look up the part number of the remote receiver for you. But, if you're not, then I would suggest calling a TV repair service as there are dangerous voltages inside a TV whether they are plugged in or not.

If you don't see the light on the camera screen, then do the same test with a known working remote just to make sure your camera is picking up the signal. Every digital camera I've tried has worked for this test, but you never know. If other remotes show the light on the camera screen, but not the Panasonic remote, then you should start with buying a new remote. I can look this part # XXXXX for you as well.

I hope this helps, and if so I would appreciate if you Accept and leave some feedback.

Thank you, Greg
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Greg
I used the cell phone trick. It showed the remote was working.
Before I got your response, I changed the batteries and clean the contacts and the lens which covers the remote "light".
I used a version of your power/off routine and that seemed to do the trick. I didn't have to
proceed any further.
I still cannot operate the on/off with the Comcast remote, but I am happy to use my Panasonic remote for the other functions that the Comcast remote cannot access.
I know this is a really old little set (1994) but sometimes we get attached to machines, especially when they work fairly intuitively and it still has a great picture.
Thanks again,
Hi Lesley, I'm glad you got it working. And thank you for accepting my answer. Sometimes it is hard to program TV/VCR Combos to work with universal or cable box remotes. However, I've had success programming Comcast remotes on certain model combos by using Panasonic VCR codes instead of TV codes. But you have to use the AUX position on the Comcast remote. You might give it a try if you're interested in pursuing it further. But then again... you might be happy the way it is.

If you get TV power and volume to work in the AUX mode you could then do a Volume Lock for the AUX mode so that pressing Volume will be locked to AUX mode not TV mode. Instructions on Volume Lock are in the Comcast remote book if you have that. I believe it's "hold Setup, 993, AUX" on some Comcast remotes.... but you should double-check your code book first.

Take Care,