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My Samsung LCD TV suddenly lost the audio to certain channels,

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My Samsung LCD TV suddenly lost the audio to certain channels, but not all and one even went to spanish. The TV is a model LN32A330J1D. It is hooked up to cable TV system, but the other TV's in my house on the system work fine. I get about 80 channels thru the cable and about 10 are affected with no sound. I also get about 10 HD channels free over the air transmission and they work great. I tried resetting the TV like when I got it new, but nothing changed. Of course, this started happening 3 mo after warranty ran out.

got any ideas?
your tv is likely in the SAP (Second Audio Program) mode and needs to be set back to Stereo. on the remote near the bottom middle you should see a button called MTS. tune to a channel that has no sound and press MTS until it goes to Stereo. Sound should be back on all channels.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I tried the answer you gave, but nothing changed. The same ten channels don't get sound and the others are fine. I tried it with several of the ones that were problems and none of them changed anything.
Greetings, Hmm... So, you pressed the MTS button on the Samsung TV remote and made sure the setting was on Stereo and not SAP? I've been repairing TV's for a long time and this would be the first one where a channel's sound changed to Spanish and some channels lost sound while other channels were fine and the TV was not in the SAP mode. You may want to double-check that MTS button one more time and set to Stereo.

Another thought: Is there a converter or cable box hooked up to the TV? Therefore, you use a cable or converter box remote control to change channels instead of the Samsung TV remote? If so, then you may have to look for the SAP/Stereo settings on that device instead. I was assuming you had cable hooked directly from the wall to the TV based on your question.

Let me know if you have any luck, and if not I can open the question up to another expert.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I did what you said again, but this time I went to a channel that DID have the sound and made sure it was set to stereo. When I tried it on the channel without sound, I noticed that it wasn't cycling thru to stereo. So anyway, when I did it on a channel with sound, it put the sound back on all the channels that were missing it. Go figure?


thanks for staying with it

That's Great! Nice work! Thank you for Accepting.... I'm glad I was able to help.