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lamp light blinking and standby/temp light blinking. replaced

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lamp light blinking and standby/temp light blinking. replaced the lamop..not the issue. loud "whirrrrinngg" sound coming from rear of television . Samsung DLP HLR4667W
Hello, the problem you are seeing, and the sound you are hearing, is very likely caused by a bad color wheel. This is a very common problem in Samsung DLP TVs. The whirring sound begins when the bushing of the color wheel motor begins to seize. If the motor does not spin fast enough it will eventually shut down the set to keep the color wheel from shattering (it has to spin to stay cool). If you are going to repair this yourself, you can remove the color wheel and inspect it first: it should be intact and spin very freely.

The replacement color wheel assembly is part number: BP96-00674A and can be found at for $129.69. Here is a link to the part page:

If you wish to change this yourself, very good instructions (and a video) can be found at these two links:

The instructions are not necessarily exact to your model, but it is basically just screws and a few connectors.

If you wish to have a technician replace this, the labor should be in the $150-200 range (in my area) if you were to take it to a shop. Please add a trip charge if done in the home.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have the color wheel out. It is intact and spins, but I can't tell if it is spinning correctly or not. It spins maybe two full turns with the spin of a finger.
Hi, a good color wheel will spin very freely. If you spin it, you may wonder if it is even slowing down. It seems to just keep going.

If you feel any kind of resistance while turning it, then the bushing is bad/drying out. It spins at a very high speed, so any resistance will make the whirring sound.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well, sounds like this is the problem then. Kinda sucks, I just paid a $100 bucks for a bulb that I dont another $100 for a color wheel...Ughh...Thanks for the help.
You are very welcome, and thank you!

I am not affiliated with the part supplier Encompass, but they usually have quality replacement parts (my primary supplier). I understand some lesser priced suppliers may not have the same quality parts (trying to save you a headache).