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Need diagram for hooking up direct tv to a surround sound home

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Need diagram for hooking up direct tv to a surround sound home theater system
Which Direct TV box do you have and what is the model of the DVD player and TV. I just want to make sure I know exactly what you are hooking up and to what.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Titchy
Well lets start by saying "I know nothing" So everything you tell me will have to be coming out of the dummys book for hooking up stuff . Youll have to be really patient with me because I dont even know what cords are what by their names .

As far as all the equipment that I have there is my tv set that is a RCA mod # XXXXX made in 1996 it is sterio. The DVD is a Sony DVP SR200P made in 2009 , and the Direct Tv box is just a standard box ,not with the dvr its mod # XXXXX XXXXX 11 made in 2006.
I hope this helps ? and dont forget im pretty simple wish there actually was a diagram to follow thanks Ken
Ok sorry for the delay you are going to need 3 sets of audio/video wires to connect this to your TV/Reciever. These are the Red/White/Yellow wires that should have came with your cable box and your DVD player. I am going to attach a diagram of how this will work but here is an explanation as well.

Next you will take one set of these wires and connect them to yoru Direct TV box. Red to Red, White to White, and Yellow to Yellow.

Take the next set of these wires and connect them to your DVD player connecting each color to it's respective spot.

Now take the other end of each set of wires and connect the set from the Direct Tv box into the Video 1 input of the reciever (matching colors).

Next you will take the wires from the DVD player and plug them into the DVD input of the reciever.

You will only need the yellow to the TV (unless you want the option to watch the TV/DVD without the surround which will require more cables).

So now when you are on the TV you tune it to the Video channel, and when you switch to DVD the sound will play over reciever and video will play over TV. When you switch the reciever to Video 1 the video will play on TV and sound will come out reciever.

Here is a custom picture I made to show you. Please let me know if you need to know how to connect so you can get sound from the TV as well. This will require a few more cables and gets more complex.

On this diagram Blue = White since you would not have been able to see white on the background.
Like I said this will give you video on the TV and audio through the reciever. If you want sound through the TV as well this is totally possible just will take more connections.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hey thanks!!
Now that looks easier than I though I had another surround system ,a cheapy that quit working on a couple of channela. Thats the reason I picked up this one . But for some reason I can remember having an s video connection on it ? or on my RCA tv going to something ? I know this dosent help you , but , as long as it will work your way ,thats better ,less wires to contend with.
As far as the audio goes ,its not important for me to have any of the tv audio on . As long as it comes from the surround sound thats just fine .
Its late now , but im gonna give it a try tomorrow ,and im sure it will all be fine !
Thanks for your help, and being my first time on this site , youve made a believer out of me , this site is great along with your great help . Thanks for the diagram ! those help me better than text ,easier for hands on . Thanks again Floridakid 2 (KEN)
You are very welcome if this works out for you let me know. Have a good night and good luck connecting all this.
You can use the s video cable in place of any of the yellow video wires. S video will provide slightly better picture but is still an analog connection. Just an FYI for future reference. Thanks again :)

Ok I was assuming your wire coming in was going to stay connected. You are going to take the wire coming from the wall and plug it into the Satellite in on the cable box.