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how much will it cost to replace a picture tube for a vizio

Resolved Question:

how much will it cost to replace a picture tube for a vizio hdtv (50 inches). The tv hardly shows any picture . It is kind of black out on the screen, so it does seem like the picture tube is gone.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Rod replied 7 years ago.

To replace the plasma screen is cost prohibitive, you can purchase a new TV for what it would cost to replace the screen. But I do not believe it is the screen. The plasma screen is driven by two driver boards, called Y-Upper and Y-Lower, these may be failing, or the Y-Sustain board that provides the drive signal to the upper and lower boards may be failing.
The Upper and Lower boards run about $125 each, the Y-sustain board can run about $300, all plus labor to replace.

A service estimate to determine the actual board that is causing the problem will run about $75, depending on your location - the service charge would apply toward repairs should you decide to have it repaired.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I do not understand the screen problem but I believe that since the screen is dimming, it seems like the picture tube is gone. So by your answer does it mean that the plasma does not have a picture tube?

My problem is that it is kind of a black out, the picture is very dim. Do you think I can get it repaired by someone local or do I have to contact the company? And can I just tell them that it is the problem for the sustain board? They say that they will charge me $100 to come and diagnose the problem. I wanted to avoid that. Please help.

Expert:  Rod replied 7 years ago.

A Plasma screen contains cells between two panels of glass hold a mixture of noble gasses. The gas in the cells is electrically turned into a plasma which then engergizes phosphors to emit light. A plasma screen is only about 2 - 2-1/2 inches thick and the picture is generated by digital information. A CRT picture tube uses electron guns that cause phospors on the screen to emit light and is analog. Also the electronic circuits that operate and control a plasma versus a CRT TV are very different.

Plasma screen are usually good for about 60,000 hours before any deterioration; however, the electronic control circuits do not last that long. Your symptoms indicate the Y-Sustain board and/or the Y-Upper, Y-Lower boards - but it will need to be diagnosed to verify.

A $100 service estimate is close to the typical $75 I mentioned, but it does vary by location. Its well worth to pay $100 for a service estimate - which would apply toward repair labor. Than to purchase a Y-Sustain board, and find out that its the Y-Upper or Lower board that needs replaced - or to discover that there is premature failure of the Plasma screen. Replacement of the plasma screen itself, would exceed the cost of a new TV.

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