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Hi, I have a SHARP LCDTV LC-32SB24U with the green LED blinking

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I have a SHARP LCDTV LC-32SB24U with the green LED blinking every second after I plug the power on plug. To turn it on, after I plug it in the power outlet, I press and hold the power button (it takes 5 seconds) until the power led becomes red. I release the power button and press it again. In seven seconds the screen lits up, shows Channel 47 in upper-right corner and after a second shuts down. After another 3 seconds I hear a click on the power supply board and the power led starts blinking green again.

The power supply board is RUNTKA397WJQZ, the main unit board is QPWBXE450WJN2. I have replaced the power supply board with another identical one purchased from eBay. The TV does the same as before, which leads me to believe that there was nothing wrong with the power supply board in the first place (or maybe both are fried). I have downloaded the service manual, as well as the firmware from Sharp.
Thank you.


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Theirs probably nothing wrong with that original powerpack

Its the mainboard also the part number for powerinverter was wrong too

Im afraid these things happen in tv fixing

Your going to have to replace it (firmware pre-loaded)

Maybe a google and search for this board might be a good idea?



Im not sure what they mean by this above as the bulletin says different?

Its very important you end up with the correct mainboard


Please post back if you have questions



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Anthony,

I really appreciate your fast answer. Please find attached two pictures with the powersupply and mainboard.

First is the mainboard -- QPWBXE450WJN2 or KE450XE450WJ:

Second is the powersupply:

The model numbers I listed in my original question are from these boards.
I have replaced the mainboard with another one, identical, same serial, but the TV was doing the exact same thing as above.

Is there a reset sequence I need to do? I have downloaded the firmware from Sharp, here and downloaded the service manual from here --
Thank you,



The photos are good

Them numbers on the boards unfortunately are not the part numbers as such

If you click on my links above they are the part numbers them are like a reference code(on the panel)im not sure why Sharp do this as I have noticed this on virtually every panel I have fitted that them numbers dont tally up

I have had both of these boards fail on occasion and you have done the right thing it could have been one or the other,the power one has the combined inverter

It looks like the right firmware you have as this firmware is in other models too its firmware version 1.13

I thought you changed the powerinverter board? in your first comments


Im afraid their isnt any other way other than to change the main board firmware pre-loaded in other words their is no reset

It will be the firmware gone down but it can only be re-loaded now in a jig with specialist programs on a laptop so another board will get it on that board may be repairable by its worth ringing them to find out


Hope this helps



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Anthony, sorry for the delay.
I will call them tomorrow, tonight is too late they left for the day.
Thank you for your patience.



OK worth a call they do a lot of mainboards