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Eric, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  TV Repairman for over 30 years, still working in the field
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I need to get a power board for an ilo 42 lcd tv. Is it possible

Customer Question

I need to get a power board for an ilo 42 lcd tv. Is it possible this is the problem. The green light comes on the bottom but doesn't power up. some sort of sound comes from the powr board - like arching - no smell though. Is it worth trying to fix?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.

Hi my name is Eric,

I can help you with your issue ,

Here is what it sounds like it might be:

Either the power supply has an issue , or you have a bad panel

See if the screen backlight lights for even a second.

The ilo powerboard may be hard to find, try ebay using the numbers from the board

or try checking it yourself for bulged capacitors or burnt connections that can be cleaned and soldered

A repairman will usually just order the boards and you will spend over $300 probably around $350


It could be just a few bad capacitors on the power supply, if you want to attempt the repair yourself you can do a visual of the power board caps will appear swollen on top.


Look at the photo I am uploading to see what a bulging cap looks like




With the back and any metal cover removed you will see a few circuit boards the upper or left one (ac cord runs to it through a small board) is the power supply, it has alot of capacitors on it (cylindrical standing straight up soldered in and marked on the sides with the positive/negative sides and uf and Voltage values)

Flat panels use 1000uf, 2200uf or 3300uf at 10v, 16 or 35Volts rating capacitors, they cost about $1-$2 each usually I replace two of them (or all the bulged on top ones) .

Buy caps here

The power board and back unscrew with a screwdriver , if you do not know how to desolder and resolder then do not attempt this as you may damage the TV more than fix it.

We do not recommend do it yourself, but depending on your knowledge and technical ability you may be able to.

You can replace the whole power supply, but there may be a few versions in these sets and some so called replacements won't fit due differences in the models,so make sure if you order a board you check the version numbers first






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