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My Samsung flat screen tv won't turn on.

Resolved Question:

my samsung flat screen tv won't turn on. The little red led on the power button is on solid as if the tv is turned off. the tv dosen't respond to command to turn on. No little turn on sound no flashing red power led while it warms up. nothing.. any ideas?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.

With the TV not starting properly you should hear the tone noise not ticking.

These Samsung LCDs have problems with the power supply capacitors going bad, a servicer will charge between $200 and $450 to repair it replacing either the capacitors or the whole board.

Here is a DIY (do it yourself) solution:

It could be just a few bad capacitors on the power supply, if you want to attempt the repair yourself you can do a visual of the power board caps will appear swollen on to.

We do not recommend do it yourself, but depending on your knowledge and technical ability you may be able to.

With the back removed you will usually see two circuit boards the upper one is the power supply, it has a few capacitors on it (cylindrical standing straight up soldered in mark on the sides with the positive/negative sides and MF and Volts values). Samsung uses mostly 1000Mfd at 16Volts rating capacitors, they cost about $1 each (680mfd will also work fine) usually I replace about four of them (or all the bulged on top ones).

The power board and back unscrew with a medium philips screwdriver, if you do not know how to desolder and resolder then do not attempt this as you may damage the TV more than fix it.

Im am posting a photo of some swollen caps on a board so you know what they look like;


You can purchase 1000mf at 16volt capacitors online at meny store here is one I found for you here

Hope this helps.

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