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My Vizio TV has developed a flickering problem. The picture

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My Vizio TV has developed a "flickering" problem. The picture flickers so fast it almost looks a disco ball or probe light. This problem was intermitent, initially. The model # XXXXX XXXXX I purchased it in May, 2008 and have had no problems until recently. I have taken it to a repair shop. They assured me nothing was wrong. I had Direct TV repair over to check their equipment. They equipment is working properly. I cannot watch the TV because the flickering has gotten so bad. I have had my electrical outlet checked; it too was fine. The problem is no longer intermitent. Five minutes after the power is turned on, the flickering starts. Any idea what could be causing this?

Thank you for posting your question on Just Answer! I will be happy to help you with this problem. First make sure to hit the menu button on the TV's remote and if nothing is there then friend while the set is on turn a bright flashlight on and shine at angle into the set push the TV menu button if you can see a image then your backlight is not working. You can also check the transformers they are close to were the wires plug into the panel, make sure all transformers read the same amount of resistance if not you have found a bad one. Now you will have to check to see if the power supply is sending 24v to the backlight, if not the power supply is bad. Cost backlights around 150.00 and power supplies around 100.00. Well this should help you friend.

Good luck friend, and if unit works fine, feedback and a bonus will be appreciated



Here is A link to better understand the inverter.


A good trick would be to spray each board with freeze spray and see if the unit stays on longer if so you found your problem, or a hair blow dryer to make fail quicker.

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