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euro-pro llc
euro-pro llc, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  20 years in TV repair,certified by all major brands- Sony,Samsung, LG,Toshiba, Panasonic, RCA,
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I was watching my Vizio P42 Plasma TV, I heard a pop, and it

Customer Question

I was watching my Vizio P42 Plasma TV, I heard a pop, and it lost its bright clear picture, when the tv turns on dark spots slowly disappear and was wondering how can i get my picture back to its regular state. Were can i buy the parts to fix?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  euro-pro llc replied 8 years ago.


A loud pop followed by a distorted picture is most of the time a sign that a scan IC just blew.

Those scan ic are mounted on the buffer boards,on the left side of tv(with the back cover off-from behind).

Open the set up and look visual for a blown scan IC(surface mounted-square).Depending on the model ,it might have a heat sink covering the IC(cannot be seen if blown).A good indication can be the temperature on these heat sinks.If one of them is really hot or really cod compared with the others,then probably is defective.

It is not uncommon that when scan IC blows ,it will damage the Y sustain board.This can be checked by measuring the V scan voltage on it.If Vscan is different then the one on the label on PDP=replace Y sus also.

Also Ve needs to be checked on the Z sustain board(tells us if Z sustain is defective or not).

A good place to start looking for parts would be :


Thank you ,and have a great day.

Please leave positive feedback if you feel like I did my best to help you.It is always appreciated

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What is a scan IC and what does it look like?
Expert:  euro-pro llc replied 8 years ago.

A scan IC is a circuit on the Y buffer board-about 1" square,they are several ,lined up from top to bottom on the Y buffer board-the far board to the left,from the back,vertical,having many brownish ribbon cables connecting this board into the plasma panel!

Follow the traces from these brownish ribbon cables back into the board,and you will see that ,each ribbon cable goes to one scan IC.

One of these IC s might be blown.

Also the pop you heard might have come from one FET(a field effect transistor) mounted on heat sinks on the Y sustain board.These is the board where the Y buffer(the small vertical one) plugs into,on the right side(from the back) of the Y buffer.

I hope this clarifies this confusion for you.

Thank you