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Brad829, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  Many years repairing TV's, radio's and hold a Extra class Ham radio License.
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why has my tv colour gone all red it was orange yest, the

Resolved Question:

why has my tv colour gone all red? it was orange yest, the sound is fine, how much would it cost to repair? its just an old toshiba tv nothing fancy
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Brad829 replied 8 years ago.

Hi Pixie, i will help you here. If this is an older TV with a picture tube, the reason your set has gone red is due to a defect somewhere in he set OR the picture tube has developed a short in it's gun. The reason it was orange, and that is not correct is that you had a lack of the color blue. The typical Picture tube has 3 color guns Blue, Red and Green. These have equal output that provide with the color control down all the way a Black and white picture. When a gun develops a short or loses efficency, the other colors prevail. My educated response is that your red gun has developed a short, possibly intermittently. None the less the color on your screen is probably very bad. You can verify this simply by turning the color control down all the way. If your picture is not Black and White, you have a problem with a gun or associated circutry.

The issue here then is repair. the cost to take it to a shop will closely outweigh the purchase of a new set. You can have a local that fixes TV's on the side take a look and maybe he will be able to fix this problem. My suggestion is that the TV is older and it is really too dangerous for you to be inside due to High Voltage around 25000 volts. Look around for a new set. The prices are fairly low now and it would be money better spent. Brad

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