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Darin, Technician
Category: TV
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wiring diagram to hook-up surround sound.more specificly hitachi

Resolved Question:

wiring diagram to hook-up surround sound.more specificly hitachi model p42h401 to dish vip222k to panasonic model sc-ht670 sound systen
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Darin replied 8 years ago.
--What you will need to do is first hook the Video from the VIP receiver to the TV:

Run a video cable from the VIP video OUTPUT to the TV INPUT. - Depending on what your TV supports, you can use the HDMI, Component Video Out (Red, Green, Blue) or the Composite Video (Yellow only, the White and Red are for Audio).

--Next you need to do audio:

Run audio cables from the VIP receiver OUTPUT to the Panasonic sound system INPUT. Run either Red and White cables from the VIP output to the Panasonic sound system inputs (note you will have to choose an input i.e Video 1, Video 2, CD etc.) or run the digital optical cable.

--Once you have done this, put the TV on the Input that the VIP receiver is hooked to. - Then put the sound system to the mode/input that the VIP audio is hooked to. - If it is digital, you may have to select this on the sound system.

You TV will have no sound. The sound will come from the sound system speakers. - Again make sure the TV is on the correct input. Press the Video or Input button the the TV remove until you have a picture of the Dish programming.

Then turn on your sound system and select the input or cycle through until you hear sound.

-Note for a complete wiring diagram, the value will need to be increased.

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