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My Samsung DLP HL-T6187s wont keep any changes made in the

Resolved Question:

My Samsung DLP HL-T6187s won't keep any changes made in the menu system. after about 1 hour blank and then comes back with the original settinings. I just upgraded the software to the lattest version but same problem
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Greg M replied 8 years ago.

Your TV is likely in shop mode.

With the set off, quickly press mute, 1, 8, 2, power on the Samsung remote. The TV should boot and display the service menu.
In the service menu: the arrow keys are for selection and navigation, the Enter button is sometimes used for selection, and the Menu button will take you back one level.

In the service menu,
Arrow right to select Option
Find Shop Mode in this submenu. Is it set to ON? If so, continue; else perform a Factory Reset.
Arrow down to Shop Mode
Arrow right to select OFF (I forget how to do this exactly, I think it's right-arrow, right-arrow, Enter or right, right, Menu)
The Shop Mode setting should now say OFF. Power off the set and turn it back it on to exit the service menu.

Alternatively, or if the Shop Mode setting doesn't do the trick:
Arrow right to select Option, then Arrow right twice to select and activate Factory Reset. This will cause the set to reboot with all the factory resets restored and will clear up most weird software issues. Your TV will go through a little setup sequence after restarting.
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