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Neil Rowe
Neil Rowe, Technician
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TV: Samsung HDTV 1080i Dyna Flat HD Model TXN3271HF This

Customer Question

TV: Samsung HDTV 1080i
Dyna Flat HD
Model TXN3271HF

This TV automatically changes from the TV tuner to the AV options. The options you use when you want to change to different components. Then I have to go press the TV/Video button to get it back to TV. So I have to scroll through AV1, AV2, AV3, Component1, Component2, S-Video before I can get back to the regular TV to watch channels.

What do you think the problem is?

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Neil Rowe replied 8 years ago.

The first thing we need to do is try and figure out what is actually changing that setting for you...


Hopefully it is doing it frequently enough that we can identify where it is being triggered.


To eliminate the remote or an other IR device tripping it, turn the TV on and tape a bit of cardboard over the IR Receiver on the set. It will be a plastic opaque part of the front, putting your hand over it stops the remote from changing channels etc. Leave this on and see if the fault still occurs.


If it stops, then remove the cardboard and remove the batteries from the remote, if the fault is still stopped but starts doing it again when you power up the remote then you have a faulty remote. If the fault starts again with remote depowered then there is another IR device (another remote) that is causing the problem.


If the fault continues with the IR led covered then the fault is in the set, the first thing to check is the AV/TV switch, make sure it is sitting normally and isn't sensitive to any vibration. Push it rapidly 30 or 50 times to see if any dust can be cleared out of the switch to clear it. If fault persists remove all AV inputs and test again, if the fault persists then I am afraid the TV has an internal fault with either the switch or the IR circuitry.


You will have to take the set in for service, be sure to ask for a quote or at least give a repair ceiling cost. A service centre should charge you around $50 for an evaluation, repair cost could be as low as $50 to over $200 if the IR circuitry is failing


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for your thoughts. I've already tried the ideas regarding an IR device tripping it. I've covered the IR receiver before and I've even considered that it could be the flourescent lights in the room. Nothing seemed to make any difference. I'll try out the idea of pressing the AV/TV switch, but it is digital and I don't think it will make any difference.



Expert:  Neil Rowe replied 8 years ago.

If it still does it with the IR lens covered then it is not a IR issue...


I would have a look at the TV/VCR switch and if no luck then it is an internal fault in the TV...