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My father has a Sylvania SRT2119 TV. The remote stopped working

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My father has a Sylvania SRT2119 TV. The remote stopped working so he purchased a replacement. no go. I tried it my self same thing with several others. is it the optical sensor, or control chip. I can barley read either numbers so I can't find a data sheet. anyone have problems with this TV other than the remote?

Remotes stopping on Sylvanias is a fairly common issue, you are my second of the day...


The first thing is to confirm your remote is sending something, look at the remotes led located at the end of the remote, to the naked eye it doesn't light up but if you look at it through an SLR digital camera it should glow white when you push the button.


If this is ok then check the front plastic cover where the receiving led is on the the TV, it should be on the front of the tv. Make sure it is clean and unobscured.


If still no luck then the IR led or its interface has failed inside the TV.


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