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When I turn on my LG model 42LC2d LCD TV, the power light goes

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When I turn on my LG model 42LC2d LCD TV, the power light goes from red to green but no picture or side comes on. Any ideas on what is causing this?



Hope your having or have had a nice dayLaughing


So am I right in saying you power on,the LED (Light on front)goes from red to green,stays green but no picture on?

If so is their any sound?




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That is correct. No picture and no sound. In addition, I press the power button again to turn off, and the TV will not turn off. However, there must be some kind of timer inside because the TV will shut off by itself after approx. 1 minute.

After it shots off by itself, I press the power button again and the power will come on and do the same thing, shut off by itself after approx. 1 minute.

Hi again Jim


The problem is without doubt the firmware

I have the service manual for the 42LC2R a little different but the procedure for upgrading the firmware will be the same.If you look at all the inputs and their is no facility for service USB the firmware will have to be loaded from via laptop using a probe called "cortez",im afraid its nothing you can do.

Corrupt firmware will throw up all annoying fault conditions including the one you have described.

I have upgraded the software/firmware on many LG plasma and LCD.

All manufacturers upgrade the data if issues arise.


If the problem persists after this the mainboard will have to be changed but in my experience if the correct firmware is installed the tv usually runs ok


Hope you understand this and I hope it helps

If you dont understand anything just ask




Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for the response. My LCD TV is less than 2 years old and does have a USB port on the back. I went to the LG website and see a software upgrade but no firmware programs. I downloaded the software upgrade to a flash drive and want to insert the flash drive into the USB port and then turn the TV on. Before I do this, do you see any danger in doing this?

Hi jim


Yes it is software depends on models providing it is the correct software and they have also provided a install manual advising "how to"

Did you read all the relevant info on web page?

I am sorry I was unaware LG provided customers with the software,panasonic do,must have been recent because it is usually tricky to do,usually you need a service remote with LG ones this is an engineers remote.

However so long as you have read the install procedure I cannot see why not,you cant back date LG software it wont go on.

The tv must start up though it cannot load when it is dead


Let me know how you go


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