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My 60 Hitachi Rear projection tv wont turn on. The red power

Customer Question

My 60" Hitachi (60SBX78B) Rear projection tv wont turn on. The red power light on the front won't turn on either. It does not work with the remote or the button. I checked the power outlet and its good. When I plug it back in i can see three small green lights on the circuit board turn on, then a fourth green one near, what I think is a capacitor, turns on and hums briefly then they all go out. The only way to get it to do it again is unplug and turn it back on. I would like to know what part I would need to replace.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Flatpanel Guru replied 8 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer,


My Name is John,


I fixed a 55 inch version of that same model about 2 months ago i found resister R720 220-2w overheating when set was powerd up then it would shutdown found Transisters F06-F07(C4632-ecg2588) Transisters were leaky causeing resister to overheat and go into shutdown in 1-2-sec All green LED's lit up then went out.


It might be a good idea to check E994 its a 2amp pico, and check c707 next to Horz Output Transistor.


You will need the following tools if you do not have them then this will be a very difficult repair that could cost you more to fix yourself then by a service center.


*Digital Multimeter (with diode check) (cost $ 70.00)

*Adjustable Soldering Station (this is a must a bad iron or to hot and you will damage the traces) (cost $40.00)

* Solder Supplies, Fine Solder with lead, and solder wick (cost $20.00)

You will also need the parts that can be purchased from or even

If you need the service manual you can order that from


Most common cause is a power surge or brown out but if the set is over 7 year old it may just be break down of the parts.


Your best bet is to invest in a good power protector, not a just a surge protector. A surge protector works great when the power company drops a power line or you get a good lighting strike. But it does nothing on a brown out which can be just as bad or worse.


Your best bet in these situations is to have a good battery backup system (they run around $50)

My Favorite so far has been the belken PureAV more pricey but worth it. You don't have to buy a specialized on for video equipment just make sure it says it does at least 1500 Volt Amps.









If you have an questions please ask.