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I have a 32 Polaroid LCD TV (720p) and today all of a sudden

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I have a 32" Polaroid LCD TV (720p) and today all of a sudden the sound doesn't work. No sound from any of the inputs, and no sound output to the headphone jack. This makes me think it's not a speaker problem but something more serious. What do you think is wrong and how much does this normally cost to repair?
Please forgive me if you have tried any or all of these things.

Volume - not muted and set to 30-50%

Internal speaker settings - set to on in menu

What inputs have you tried, and what devices are connected to them?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have tried the volume at all levels and TV is not muted.

All of the audio settings in the setup menu on the TV look good. Nothing is different from how it would normally be set.

I have tried all inputs, HDMI, component, composite, coaxial (for direct cable hookup), etc. Audio doesn't work for any of these. I have a Netflix Roku box connected, also a Nintendo Wii, and a Panasonic Blu-ray player.

Additionally, I tried connecting my computer speakers to the headphone jack and even that doesn't work. So it doesn't appear to be that the speakers themselves are blown.

Thanks for your help.
Do you have an audio output on the back, red and white? If so you may be getting audio out from here to an amplifier
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There is an audio out (red and white), but it's not connected to anything. (There are also coaxial and digital optical outputs that aren't used).
You can use a stereo to listen to whatever is on your TV. you may need an adapter, but this should work.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I connected my shelf stereo using the red and white audio jacks and get nothing. Besides, this doesn't solve the actual problem of my TV not producing any of its own sound from its own speakers. I know it's not the speakers because the headphone or other audio outputs from the TV don't work either. It's not the components I'm connect to the TV because they work when separately connected to the audio input on my shelf stereo. It seems logical to me that it's the internal audio board or component in the TV is the problem. Am I correct in thinking this? If so, how much does it normally cost to repair a problem like this? The TV is a Polaroid 32" LCD HDTV, model #FLM-3232.

Thanks for your assistance.
You need a whole main board, this is very expensive. The audio out uses a different audio line than your speakers, but the problem is before the split. A repair shop might charge $2-300 for this repair, maybe more.
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