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Is the Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote compatible with a Magnavox

Customer Question

Is the Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote compatible with a Magnavox TV/VCR/DVD combo television? I have used all the codes printed on the accompanied instruction booklet and haven't found the right code......I bought a small GE universal remote and the code 0456 worked within seconds on I'm wondering why it won't work on the Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote? help....
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Martin replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer.

You can still try a code search from the Jumbo. This will try all the code in the remote database. In case none is found, it's simply not compatible. If you want to reduce the time you can try Philips code, they have chance to work for a Magnavox.

Usually Combo and sound receiver are the worst supported kind of equipment for a universal control remote.

There is a delay until a remote is done and and the time a TV is designed. If the TV is too new, the remote will not have the right code.

You can have a good idea of how much support a remote give by the number of digit in it's code. For example the Emerson have only 3, while others can have 4 and even 5. The bigger the number, the more index in the internal database of the remote is possible. The code is that index. At each index is a set of signal timing for every button. Some system that have many button will not have them covered completely to save memory and cost in the remote.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have also used the code search process........maybe I'm missing a step in the set up process..........the television is 2 yrs old and the GE Universal remote I bought yesterday at Walmart (inexpensive) was easy to program to the television. I pressed setup/entered code/volume up & down and it worked all buttons without further programming and is working fine. Guess the Emerson is not as multifunctional even though it cost more. It is hard to program and does not seem to be compatible to the newer multifunction televisions. Thank you.........basically you've told me what I already knew.......but I will also try to use the Phillips codes next to rule that out before giving up on it.