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i have a 1080p mitsubishi and it will not turn on; there is

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i have a 1080p mitsubishi and it will not turn on; there is a red light that keeps blinking under the "standby" notation; can you help



Thank you for using Just Answer.


Please post a bit more information so that we can answer this best.


What is the model number of the TV? It's on a sticker on the back of the TV.


How long have you had this TV?


How much use does the TV get in an average day?


What have you already tried to fix this problem?


Thank you for you patience.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

this is a mitsubishi 1080p medallion series


we have had it about 1 year


we use it about 3 hours per day on the average


we have only tried to turn it on with the remote and also by using the power button on the tv

Hi ricegoats,


The first thing to try is unplugging the TV for an hour. Push the power button with the TV unplugged. This is to drain any residual voltage in the TV and hopefully reset the TV.


Although, it seems a little early, you may need a new lamp. Some lamps do go quicker than others and if a TV is turned on and off a lot the lamp's life is shorter.


Please post the model number from the sticker on the back of the TV so we can check specifics for you model.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

the model number is XXXXX



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you so much; unplugging it worked

Hi Riccoats,



Your TV has a reset on the front panel. You reset the TV with the end of a paper clip pushed into the small pin hole opening. It's labeled "System Reset"


Does the "lamp" light stay on? If after trying the above, this light stays on, then it would indicate a new lamp is needed. The TV has a one year warranty that would cover this. So, check your sales receipt for the date of purchase. If it is less than a year you will be fully covered for this replacement.


Please let me know if youw ould like more information and/or clarification





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