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My digital tv freezes up or loses signal completly. Have tried

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My digital tv freezes up or loses signal completly. Have tried 3 different indoor antennas, all power enhanced. Each required repositioning the antenna in some fashion to bring in different channels. Tried putting one in the attic crawl space, that helped with reception, but I could no longer repostion the antenna. Choices in outside antennas that I can find are are very limited. Phillips brand very small in size. My question is two fold. Where can I get a powerful outside antenna, what would it's specifications be? How many tv's will the antenna help and how can I split the signal?

Yes there are new antennas specifically designed for the new digital TV signals and an external antenna, in your situation sounds like the best choice. Also, as spring and summer comes along, you will loose more stations as the foliage and leaves causes more attenuation of the signals. To select the best antenna for your location go here. Enter the information after selecting the button "Choice your antenna" in the form. That will provide you with the basic information you need for selecting an antenna. If the results say use an antenna for a 40 mile distance, I recommend going for the next higher range, to provide some margin - as the higher frequency signals are less forgiving that the old analog signals. A wide selection of DTV antennas are available on the Web, but local retailers are starting to carry more of them. Fortunately, they are somewhat smaller than the older analog TV antennas.

An amplified splitter - or signal regeneration splitter is the best choice for distributing your signals to other TVs. Ideally it should be centrally located and its recommend you use good quality (RG6) coax.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It appears that I may need more than one antenna pontinting in two different directions.Any way to aviod this?

There are some omni-directional antennas (all directions), but the gain is not as good and you may loose one or two stations from the other direction. A better solution would be to place the directional antenna on a small rotor, that will move the antenna in the direction of the station you want to watch - such as this one. But as I said before, these antennas are smaller than the older TV antennas (and lighter) I have installed two directional antennas on a single mount - pointing different directions and used a signal combiner to merge the two antenna signals into a single coax.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Rod great help.