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Sharp LCD TV LC37SB24U stopped working, with the power led

Customer Question

Sharp LCD TV LC37SB24U stopped working, with the power led blinking twice, pause, twice pause... when plugged in; it clicks when the power-on button is pushed, but continues the blinking on/off behavior. Tried the reset-to-factory-defaults procedure, with no change in behavior. Is this the power supply? ...should I buy a replacement ps?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Edward replied 8 years ago.



Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. First I will recommend unplugging the TV for an hour or more. This may correct the problem if it is not component failure related. Please be careful if you open the TV. The manufacture recommends that there are no user serviceable parts inside. This is due to high voltage being present even with the TV unplugged. The problem is very likely a power supply issue a problem this TV is known for. I will never reccomend replacing any part that is not verified to be defective and that the other circuitry in the TV is verified not to have been the cause of the part to fail. These sets are assembled using the wave soldering process they are known for having cold solder connections. This model of TV has over 2,000 parts which includes millions of transistors inside the integrated circuits. The capacitors will change value, leak and become defective. Resistors will change value and burn. Diodes and IC can go bad. This may have a domino effect and cause other parts to fail. Replacing one defective part may make the TV operate for a short time but the part will fail again if the parts that caused the failure to begin with are not replaced. The only way to know for sure which parts that are no longer within factory specs and for a proper repair all the electronics must be diagnosed by someone with the correct electronic test equipment specifically designed for TV service and the skills to use the test equipment. I wish I could tell you there was a quick fix or button to push that would fix the TV or a way to tell what is wrong with the TV without testing the circuitry, but that is not the case or the solution needed to get the TV operating correctly.

Do you wish to repair this yourself or are you looking for an idea of what the cost to repair the TV will be?

If you wish to repair it yourself what type of electronic training do you have?

What type of TV test equipment do you own?

Should you require further clarification, never hesitate to ask. It would be my pleasure to clarify my answer to your question. If after reviewing the above information, you have additional questions, I will be glad to answer them. My goal is your 100% satisfaction with all questions I answer.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have several Tek scopes, HP bridges, Fluke meters,signal generators,
an ESR meter, and got a EE degree in 1975.
I pulled out the power supply and checked
the ESR on all the electrolytics; they all seem rational. There is no
visible or smell-able sign of distress on any components on either side
of the power supply circuit board. Perhaps I should do a search for dry
solder connections on the power supply? Given that this issue begins
immediately upon plugging the tv in, what other module could be causing this?

How do you diagnose these things to make sure that the faults don't
involve multiple replace-able modules? I have downloaded the "service manual"
for this tv (10 whole pages, with no schematics, and no information about
error codes or anything else... great..) I have done the reset-to-factory-default
procedure (power off then power-on and keep holding the power-on button down
for 10+ seconds) which made no change in the behavior.

I have found someone giving some info about the power-led blink "error codes",
and they indicate that 2 per second is indicating a power-supply failure (but I have
no idea if this is accurate information).

A new power supply board is $115. I am tempted to try replacing the power supply;
and if that does not correct the problem, to then return it for a warranty exchange.

What would you do?
Expert:  Edward replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. It sounds like you are well equipped to diagnose most any problem the TV may have. Dry solder connections are a very good possibility. You have a good plan on the power supply board if your supplier will let you return the part. As far as error codes if they are not in the service manual I have no idea. I have opted out of this question since I have no information on this model in my database. By opting out this prompts other experts to reply if they have the answer for you. Hopefully another expert will respond soon.