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Magnavox DVD/VCR, model ZV427MG9, DVD/VCR recorder/player.

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Magnavox DVD/VCR, model ZV427MG9, DVD/VCR recorder/player.   From cable TV and movie channels, the VCR side records all channels fine.    But on the DVD side, while it records most channels fine, with a group of movie channels from Encore, it wont record them. The problem channels include Western, Movieplex, Retroplex, Mystery, Sci-Fi.   Get the error message on the TV screen that says Recording Error.   This program is not recordable in +VR mode; E45.     Magnavox support says it is caused by a copy prohibited program????   The cable company, Comcast/Time Warner here in Minneapolis says it is something built into the Magnavox recorders called a Copygaurd Receiver??? that causes the problem.   They googled it and said they found a lot of blogs on it, I havent anything yet.   The same other brands like Pioneer, Panasonic, dont have this problem with the Encore channels and DVD recording.   Ever heard of anything like this? Thanks.
GreetingsCustomer the situation/problem that you describe is very common, especially with digital signals and recording. Since many of the newer recorders are capable of 1080 resolution there are methods in place by the movie companies to prevent high quality recordings from being made. Some units will allow recording in a low resolution format while others will not allow it at all when recording to DVD. This is similar to the Copyguard protection that was tried for years on commercial VHS tapes to prevent copying to another tape. The biggest difference now is that because many of the signals being transmitted and recorded are now digital, the potential to distribute copies that look as good as the originals is now possible.
In fact, the owner's manual for your Magnavox DVD/VCR mentions the copyguard protection in several places when referring to certain programs not recording.
If you need any further information please let me know. Thank you for using Just Answer.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Can this copyguard protection be removed from the unit? The support staff for Magnavox mentioned something about changing the mode on the unit from VR mode to Video Mode to eliminate the error when trying to record to DVD, but they cant tell me how to do this. Do you guys know how to do this? If it's in put in place by Magnavox, then how come Pioneer, Panasonic, dont have it? Most of these Encore movies are either old as the hills, from the 50s, 60s, 70s, early 80s, or current B grade flicks that have no commercial value cause their so bad. You cant buy the Posiden Adventure or the Seven Year Itch anyplace, so what value do they have? Marilyn Monroe has been dead for 45 years, none of her movies are worth their weight in crap. None of this makes much sense. I've heard there are tons of blogs about this dumb error, some recommend returning the recorder. And what are you supposed to do now that they quit making VHS tapes? When these run out in the stores, I wont be able to record anything from the Encore channels. None of this makes any logical sense. Phil Berglund


It's due to a major push from the movie studios in Hollywood. While some manufacturers have conformed, others have not incorporated the technology in all their units. I agree that many of the programs are very nearly public domain in terms of age, however, not only do the manufacturers feel pressured to incorporate the anti-piracy hardware, but the broadcast stations are being pressured as well as part of their agreements they have to broadcast. Even though the movies you mention may not be new releases, the rights are still owned by someone. The eventuality of digital recording had been discussed for years before it became commonplace with regard to recording since it would be lossless. The same thing happens if you download songs that are subject to DRM (Digital Rights Management). As the technology gets sorted out and the dust settles, there may be a similar method eventually that may allow someone to make one personal backup copy. For now, it's a case of finding the right unit since the prospects of locating one will diminish with time.
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I forgot to mention, this type of protection is not available if analog signals are being used since they are of lower quality. Lowering the recording quality on the DVD recorder will most likely allow it as well.