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I purchased a Sony Trinitron WEGA 36 television in 2002 and

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I purchased a Sony Trinitron WEGA 36" television in 2002 and have been very pleased with its performance until a couple of days ago. At that time, the screen began displaying the initial channel setup menu without action on my part. Normally if this menu appears you hit the channel down button and the display will disappear, but in this case, the display disappears, but re-appears in seconds. I am also now having problems with the television not being responsive to the remote. Can you help?
Could you provide the model number of your Sony TV?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes it is a KV-36FS200
Thanks for the information. I have seen similar symptoms from defective switches on the front panel control board. Occasionally the switches will go intermitent and cause problems like this. Also, if the screen is cleaned with glass cleaner and some of it runs down the front of the screen, it can leak behind the bezel and drip on to the front panel control board. Accessing this board can be a real job as the chassis has to be pulled out to get to the front panel board. Is this a repair you were going to attempt yourself? I don't normally recommend consumers attempt repairing their own CRT sets as the risk of lethal shock is very real. Get back to me and let me know how you want to proceed.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can you give me some idea of how much it would cost for a professional television repairman to fix this problem? I have already spoken to a Sony authorized repair shop and they want me to bring this behemoth into their shop or pay a significant service fee if the repairman comes to my home and cannot repair the TV onsite. Do you think that this problem could be fixed onsite by a professional?
The problem can be fixed onsite without too much trouble. An estimate for repairs should run $100-$150 for a tech to come out, verify the problem and give you a quote. The repair itself I would estimate at around $300-$350, most of that being labor. The switches are not expensive, but the job is labor intensive and that is why the cost is so high.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much for your help, it has made my decision to replace the TV much easier and an informed one as well. I guess I will be watching the Super Bowl on a new LCD!
Consider an extended warranty when buying a new LCD as the use of lead free solder has made failures more common. Thanks for using our service!