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How can I fix discoloration on a 42 Sony LCD TV

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At the center of the screen is a circle with a clear picture. Outside of this circle have blue dots with unclear picture. Recently replaced the light bulb but did not fix the problem.


I will be happy to assist you with your problem.

Please give me the model number of your unit so I can pull details on your particular device.

Also, did you notice ANY change when you changed the bulb...did it get worse?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Your help is greatly appreciated. I've searched the internet for answers and found nothing useful so far. These things are just too expensive to go out this early. It's only 3yrs old. My 20" Symphonic tube tv is 7yrs old and still working. Anyways,


I did not notice any change after changing the bulb. The info on the unit is:


Sony LCD projection TV

Model #: KDF-42WE655

Serial #: (NNN) NNN-NNNN LA3

Manufactured: 2005


THank you so much for looking into this and hope to hear back from you soon.



Thank you for the information. This is a very common problem with this set and is actually a factory defect which is covered on your particular model. What you are describing is one of the various picture problems that occurs when the optical block is failing. The optical block has failed on many of these units and Sony is aware of the issue. They have extended the repair service for this problem and will repair it at no charge only up untill this end of this month...You may have gotten very lucky you inquired when you did, as this is a very expensive repair. Please call them immediately before your time runs out.
I have provided a direct link to the Sony site where you can call and have this repaired. (Please be nice to them when you will get quicker service :)
Here is the direct Sony service link site for you: SONY OPTICAL BLOCK WARRANTY SERVICE

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any further information...Good luck.

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