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I have a Sony Wega 55 LCD projection tv that comes on and

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I have a Sony Wega 55" LCD projection tv that comes on and shuts off after about 3-4 mintes by itself, green light blinks and after about a minute it comes back on. This process continues to repeat itself over and over, the tv just started doing this. Any suggestions would be great





Thank you for using just answer i ll be happy to assist you today, first off can i get the


model # XXXXX the tv set and how many times is the green led blinking,also what lead to


this happening with the tv set, when the tv set shuts off can you hear sound.



Thank you.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have a Sony Model: KDF-55WF655, the problem is that the TV comes on for about a minute and then off, grren light blinks on and off then unit will come back on, green light will stay on. If I power down while the green light is blinkg the red light blinks five times and then pauses and repeats. I cannot hear sound when TV image goes away.


Best Regards,






Ok here are the list of codes and what they generally mean on sony tv set (which


applies to many recent model Sony Television sets. Sony has provided a "self-diagnosis


function" with your TV, that in the case of abnormalities or problems the LED or red


blinking light on the Timer/Standby indicator flashes a number of times to indicate the


issue. Here are the values of the various blinks.



0 times, Diagnosis: Power does not turn on. Possible causes include: Power cord is not plugged in, Fuse is burned out (F6001) (G board). Symptoms of the problem: Power does not come on, No power is supplied to the unit, AC power supply is faulty.

2 times, Diagnosis: B overcurrent (OCP). Possible causes: H. OUT (Q8024) is shorted. (D board), +B PWM (Q8035, 8038) is shorted. (D board) Symptoms of the problem: Power does not come on, Load on power line is shorted.

3 times, Diagnosis: +B overvoltage (OVP). Possible causes: IC501 is faulty (G board), IC5002 is faulty (G board). Symptoms of the problem: TV has entered standby mode.

4 times, Diagnosis: Vertical deflection stopped. Possible causes: +- 15V is not supplied. (D board), IC8003 is faulty. (A board) Symptoms of the problem: TV has entered standby state after horizontal raster, Vertical deflection pulse is stopped, Power line is shorted or power supply is stopped.

5 times, Diagnosis: White balance failure (Not balanced) Possible causes: Video out (IC7101, 7201, 7301) is faulty (CR, CG, CB board), CRT drive (IC309) is faulty (A board), G2 is improperly adjusted. Symptoms of the problem: No raster is generated, CRT cathode current detection reference pulse output is small.

6 times, Diagnosis: LOW B OCP/OVP (Overcurrent/over voltage). Possible causes: +5 line is overloaded. (A, B boards), +5 line is shorted. (A, B boards). Symptoms of the problem: No picture.

7 times, Diagnosis: Horizontal deflection stopped. Possible cause: Q8035, 8038 is shorted. (D board)

8 times, Diagnosis: High voltage error. Possible cause: T8005 is faulty. (D board)

9 times, Diagnosis: Audio error. Possible causes: +- 19V line is shorted. (A, B boards), IC708 is faulty. (A board), PS701 or PS702 is opened. (A board). Symptoms of the problem: No sound


Ok your light is blinking five times this usually mean in most of the cases that i have


seen a crt drive ic has to be replaced, but in other cases i have seen it was just a


leaking capacitor or a bad transistor the thing it is hard to say from here without me


troubleshooting the tv set myself, my advise to you is to contact your nearest tv repair


shop let them service the tv set it shouldnt cost you more than 300 dollars to get your tv


set up and running,but that also all depends on the tv repair shop.




Thank you very much.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

If I am not mistaken it looks as if you have provided info for television sets (CRT) and not indicators for the LCD sets I am probably wrong but I would like to ask you one last thing before I accept, from all of the research I have done it shows that the lamp driver needs to be replaced. The part number is XXXXX which is for the 60 inch, do you know if it would be the same for the 55 and does this sound like a possible solution.






HeyCustomeri am sorry if i mentioned that it was a crt driver error,when in fact you have


a lamp driver error that can be and most likely is faulty and has to be replaced,Also i


would not recommend you putting a biggier lamp unless the part numbers are the same


to the lamp you are replaceing.Moreover most of sonys error codes are the same


from crt to lamp tv set like your lcd model tv set, the same conept was used to built


your lcd tv set just with different features.



Thank you very much.

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