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How do I correctly set connect my, Sky HD, Blu ray and TV to

Customer Question

How do I correctly set connect my, Sky HD, Blu ray and TV to have sound through my home entertainment dvd system? Currently with the home entertainment system the playing a dvd the sound is sensational. However the TV and Blu ray sound although it transmits through the DVD player it is very much diluted.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Steve G. replied 9 years ago.

Ok. This depends on a lot of things: what kind of cables do you have and what kind of connections are on the back of the DVD system?


This is what I would TRY and do.


The TV should have some kind of audio out. It could be a red/white RCA pair, a single digital RCA or an optical 'Toslink' output. Whichever is present on the TV and the DVD, use that. Then, using the TV remote, turn off the TV speakers (look under 'Audio').


This will then send any signal to the TV back to the DVD HE system and out through the 5.1 speakers.


Once you have done this, simply connect the Sky box and Blu Ray to the TV, preferably via HDMI cables if you have 2 HDMI inputs on the TV. Also connect the DVD HE system via component cables or a single yellow RCA composite (for the video only, no need to take that sound to the TV)..


Note: Composite RCA cables comprise a red (audio right), white (audio left) and yellow (video).

Component RCA cables comprise one each red, green and blue cables (video) and the red and white sound pair.
HDMI is a single digital cable that does audio and video.


I will be gone today but back this evening if I can help you further.


Please also consider a BONUS. Thanks.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.

The DVD is an HD 1080p and the woofer for this has RCA aux 1 and 2 composite connections. The DVD has Component output currently connected by rca composite through auxiliary 1 to the DVD woofer.

The DVD is HDMI connected to TV. SKY HD is HDMI connected to TV and the Blu ray is component connected to TV as only 2 HDMI inputs available.

Sky HD sound comes through Aux 2 on the DVD woofer. As I said previously the sound from the DVD through TV and Woofer is almost too loud on say volume 12, but the sound through Blu ray and Sky tv is very much diluted.


The DVD has a specific connecting plug to the woofer which I guess gives it the better performance. But I cannot understand why the diluted sound on the other devices.

Expert:  Steve G. replied 9 years ago.

Ok. Remove the Sky connection to the woofer. Instead, run a cable from the audio out of the TV to the woofer. Just use a red/white RCA pair to the Aux 1


That's all you need. Any sound sent to the TV from any source will come back to Aux 1.


Try that. I'll try and catch up with you later today.

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