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i have a sanyo 42 lcd tv model dp42848 and when ...

Resolved Question:

i have a sanyo 42'''' lcd tv model dp42848 and when the problem first occured, there was a big bar line that was transparant across the center of the screen. When you tilted the tv a certain way it went back to normal but it would reappear by itself. After that it changed into this dark spot that covers 2/3 of the tv... its not that u cant see but it makes the picture very dark but the 1/3 of the left side is still perfectly fine. and when i change the channels the pictures are frozen for a bit in the dark spots from the channel before then dissappear. to deal with it right now i just put the brighness all the way up and its watchable but i wanted to know if there is a way to fix this. any help would be appreciated. thanks!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Steve G. replied 9 years ago.

Hi there. I'm sorry to hear about your TV.

I assume the TV is out of warranty. If not, ignore everything I write below and take the TV back.

The TV definitely has some issues. It could be a cold or brittle solder joint, a blown fuse, fusible link or other component.

My hunch is a problem with one of the display boards. Both have a fuse on them

Unfortunately, the level of sophistication on these TVs makes it virtually impossible to diagnose them further without taking them apart and probing around with a multimeter and other tools.

If you can find an honest TV shop, they should charge you $75 to take a look and come up with a repair cost. Ask them for a detailed breakdown of what is needed and come back here and we will tell you what we think.

I'm sorry it isn't the best news.

If I have helped, please click ACCEPT. It is the only way I get paid for my work. Also, please consider leaving feedback and a bonus if possible. I will be here to help you further.

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