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Genesis 2008 type. driver power seat is 't move forward help

Customer Question

hello genesis 2008 type. driver power seat is don't move forward help me. need to just answer!.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Transmissions
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
hello need to reply me by email. ^^
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i googling finded this solution check it plz. ^^
I have a 2005 santa fe and had a similar problem. The power seat would not recline or come back up so I replaced the switch ($123) and it worked for 4 months then stopped working again.
this is how I fixed it.the tools I used
14mm socket + wrench
10mm socket + wrench
10mm crescent wrench
Philips screwdriver
flat tip screwdriver
2000 grit sandpaper
1) using the flat tip screwdriver pop the plastic cover for the 4 14mm bolts holding the seat to the floor of the car. Now use the 14mm socket to remove the bolts. You should now be able to turn the seat on it's right side so you can get to the left side where the switch control is located.
2) now using the Philips screwdriver remove the 5 screws that hold the plastic cover where the power switch is held. there is one that is almost under the seat which is a pain to get and three on the back inside that are difficult to find.
3) Now take off the cover off and you should be able to see the switch and the motor that controls the recliner. You can now disconnect the recliner motor and using the 10mm socket and 10mm crescent wrench remove the motor. there are 3 screw holding the motor and gear driver onto the seat. One had to be removed with the 10 mm crescent wrench and the other two you can use the 10mm socket.
4) Once the motor + gear assembly is off of the seat you will see that there are two Philips screws that hold the motor to the gear assembly. You can remove them and take the motor apart.
5) the problem I had was that the brushes in the motor had corrosion one them. I used 2000 grit sandpaper and lightly removed the corrosion on the brushes and the rotor for the electric motor. Be careful not to remove too much or else the motor won't work again. Also make sure the brushes still have plenty of padding left. I just cleaned them until I saw the black corrosion removed and the copper color come back.
6) Now put the motor back together. this can be a little tricky because of the magnets in the motor. The end where the rotor rests in mine came out of alignment and I had to use a screwdriver to gently push it back in place when putting the rotor in place. I also had to turn the motor housing about 60 degrees when putting it back together with the gear housing. Then just screw it back together with the two Philips screws.
7) once the motor is back together you can plug it in to test if it's working. If it is then remount it to the seat with the 3 10 mm bolts.
8) next put the plastic cover back on with the 5 Philips screws.
The back part of the plastic molding sort of wraps around the seat so it's best to start at that end and then work forward.
9) next put the seat upright and using the 14 mm socket and wrench tighten the 4 bolts holding the seat to the floor o the car.
start with the front bolt because there are two alignment pins in the front supports that need to go in the correct places. the rear support don't have this and it's easier to start wit the front two supports.I hope this helps
Expert:  Greg replied 1 year ago.

The problem is the control switch itself ,

There is no need to replace the switch it can be cleaned as the contacts

get pitted and fail .

All that is need is to clean the contact with the 2000 paper or 1500 what i use .

This happens on all the models with electric seats if KIA or Hyundai .

When you have the control switch out you need to open it up and clean off the contact with the 1500 paper,

Not sure on your Gensis but on some you don't need to remove the seat , the switch will remove

with the seat still in the car .

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Kind regards Greg.