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Brad, Dealer Technician
Category: Transmissions
Satisfied Customers: 7845
Experience:  ASE Master,(L-1) Certified, Transmission Specialist
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My 2003 jeep liberty stalls when I go in reverse sometimes

Customer Question

My 2003 jeep liberty stalls when I go in reverse sometimes
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Transmissions
Expert:  Brad replied 1 year ago.

Good morning and welcome to JustAnswer!!!

Here is a bulletin on your stalling issues..

Case Number999925865

Vehicle IssueEngine may stall when trans is engaged into gear or when stopping vehicle in gear.

System or ComponentDie out / Stall;Customer Concern (No DTCs);Group 18 - Vehicle Performance / Driveability,Automatic Transmission / Transaxle;Yes - Intermittent,Yes - Continuously

RecommendationREPORTED SYMPTOMS MAY INCLUDE: [1]: No forward and/or reverse engagement (checked with vehicle on level surface). [2]: No 3rd and or 4th gear engagement. [3]: Engine may stall out when trans is engaged into gear. [4]: Diagnostic trouble code may be set in the TCM. Trans may be in limp mode. See list of recommended diagnosis / repair steps provided below. Repair as required. STEP 1): DIAGNOSTIC TEST: If trouble code is present perform test as outlined in the applicable Transmission Diagnostic Procedures Manual. STEP 2): GEAR SELECTOR: Inspect all gear selector linkage or cable system components for excessive wear. Replace any worn or damaged parts. Adjust gear selector linkage or cable system. STEP 3): SOLENOID ASSEMBLY: Unplug the solenoid assembly electrical connector. If the condition stops replace the solenoid assembly. Check solenoid connector pins. Replace any worn or damaged connector pins. If the condition persists with the solenoid pack unplugged the cause is internal transmission. Check line pressure. Inspect all internal geartrain components. Check for broken weld points / broken shaft / mating spline damage. Repair as required. NOTE: If broken weld is noted on the reverse carrier hub replace the trans assembly. Part not available seperately from Mopar. STEP 4): FILTER AND SEAL: Seal between main sump filter neck and trans pump body may be out of position or damaged. Check filter seal. Replace seal if required. NOTE: Filter neck seal must be installed properly into the pump inlet before installation of the filter. If the seal is installed onto the filter neck first the pump will not draw fluid from the trans sump properly. See applicable service manual section (21) for filter and seal installation directions. Recommend use standard socket tool of similar diameter to install filter neck seal properly into pump inlet. Suggest check torque on all valvebody to transmission case bolts while fluid pan is off. STEP 5): PUMP ASSEMBLY ALREADY REPLACED: If pump assembly was replaced recently check for extra filter seal in pump inlet. The replacement pump assembly will include new filter seal already installed in the pump inlet. Make sure only one seal is used.

Modification Date07/30/04 4:27 PM

Expert:  Brad replied 1 year ago.

Glad I could help and thank you for the positive rating,