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My shifter moves freely but doesn't go into gear, tow truck

Customer Question

My shifter moves freely but doesn't go into gear, tow truck guy said its a cable that came of or broke, he went under the hood and connected it but said it won't stay ( just enough to move the car to a position for the tow truck to get at it easier ) now the car has over 115,000 miles on it , we bought it brand new and since day one we had tranny issues, trannsmission has been replaced 11 times and countless other times the dealership " updated codes" to fix the tranny problems. ( should've been a lemon, but I'm Nieve and a sucker so I believed them when they said its Cuz it's a new feature on the car ( Ford Fiesta se 2011 double clutch or something like that) and it'll take a bit until all the kinks get worked out. Then when they replaced the trashy the 1st time I figured that's it, well EVERYTIME after that I just figured this is it, until our warranty was almost up that's when I enquired about the lemon law. Which there is some type of class action suit against ford trans. But we didn't qualify by they point Cuz of our high milage. So my question is.. Since the taking off and putting back in of the transmission countless times, does that factor into the wire breaking ( wear and tear etc) Cuz they said its external and that's not covered under the transmission warranty ( our 100,000 mile warranty is obviously expired but the tranny is warrantied since its been replaced) and I understand why it isn't covered, but I've been told and I feel like its more or less due to how much they've takin the tranny on and off etc. Am I asking too much or do think I'm justified to ask for them to fix free of charge? Hope u understand my question lol thank you. Bye the way, we bought 2 fiestas same year and model the very same day and 0 transmission issues with the other one, roughly same miles on both give or take 5k so yeah I'd say I screwed up by not going for the lemon sooner argghh
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Transmissions
Expert:  tech7027 replied 2 years ago.

My suggestion would be to pay the dealer to diagnose it and show you what is wrong with the cable and then determine with the service manager who should pay for it. I have never seen one of those cables break so I'm guessing the multiple service procedures done with the transmission is when the cable is broke.