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Jared D
Jared D, ASE Master Mechanic
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I have a 1996 f250 with a e4od transmission when i put it in

Customer Question

i have a 1996 f250 with a e4od transmission when i put it in reverse it wont move when i put it in neutral it acts like its in gear it wont roll backwards unless i turn off the engine 1st 2nd and drive work fine i dont get any codes on the scanner i changed the filter and fluid theres no metal in pan at all the truck only has 160,000 miles what might be the problem when i run it with scanner and shift the vgears it shows the correct solenoids being activated on scaner
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Transmissions
Expert:  Jared D replied 2 years ago.

It sounds like the reverse clutch drum is bad and the entire transmission will likely need to be rebuilt. There may be no metal in the pan, but it's probably all in the clutch. The low and reverse clutch are one unit and they lock up to provide engine braking by locking up the sprag clutch. If that whole assembly is shredded it will do exactly what you are saying is happening. You will probably not notice the low gear missing since the A4OD actually only uses the low clutch when engine braking upon deceleration.

Do you plan to attempt the rebuild yourself?

Expert:  Jared D replied 2 years ago.

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