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Lou P. master tech
Lou P. master tech, Mercedes Technician
Category: Transmissions
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Experience:  15 years master certified 100% fix rate and have access to factory radio codes, wiring, and instructions.
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E-500: Michael, I just saw your reply to another person regarding

Customer Question

Michael, I just saw your reply to another person regarding the 722.9 G. And their marriage commitment, my question is similar. I have a 2005 e-500 with the 722.901 tranny that went out, I can't afford several several thousands on rebuilding it or buying a brand new one, I'm considering swapping it with a used one that I found at a local Mercedes wreck yard, it is the exact same year and model wit very low mileage can I swap the transmission and remove the valve body from my bad transmission and implant it to the new used transmission, I am assuming that since the existing valve body is already having a long term affair with my car and with my car computer everything should work just fine without the need to consulate another marriage. Of course assuming that the old valve body is in perfect working order.
Also, if this is doable can the new transmission fluid be poured into the transmission while the transmission still in floor (belly up) since as you know this transmission has no Dip Stick for easy refill.
!!!!!!!!I would appreciate any input from anyone who has gone thru this route.
Thanks / Tony. (###) ###-####***@******.***
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Transmissions
Expert:  Lou P. master tech replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** i will do my best to help you , i strive for EXCELLENT service and nothing less.ntonanswr your question , yes. You can get another of the same trans and implant your trans or just buy another valve body plate with module and have it coded if the other valve body module had any damage. And younmaybnotnbe able to fill it upside down because there is a vent at the top so it will just pour out , BUT you can buy the fill pipe from eBay or Benz, and do what I did and go to the hardware store and buy a water valve cause it's pipe thread like the fill pipe, and attach a hose and run it outside of the car up to about 4 feet high to a funnel, if you know how fluid works it will flow down and level out with how high the fluid is in the tube , kinda like college days lol , but then you just run the trans up to temp and you turn the valve to off and unscrew the pipe when your ready and let the fluid drop out to an small stream and your set. But you right there is nothing wrong with swapping your valve assembly to the new (used) trans. Once all is done though I do recommend a trip to the dealer to reset the adaptation of the valve body or it may not shift correctly since the module learns itself to the trans. Hope this information helps Please take a second and click the box and rate my service GOOD OR EXCELLENT SERVICE if you feel I have been helpful and please request me in the future. If you feel I have not been helpful please DO NOT RATE BAD OR POOR AND WASTE YOUR MONEY , I will opt out to see if another expert can provide more or better assistance so you're not wasting your money!!. Thanks for choosing just answer. Lou. also , if you feel i deserve one , BONUSES are GREATLY APPRECIATED ! 😉
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm an sorry but this question was specifically directed to Michael, I am familiar with his expertise and background and I have read his reviews therefore I'm waiting for Michaels response. Thank You anyway .Tony
Expert:  Lou P. master tech replied 2 years ago.
Tony I understand , however micheal had been away for quite some time and that is why I have responded to you. I'm not sure why he had not been available recently but I have not seen him active and instead of letting your question go to another expert with no Mercedes experience I chose to assist. If you check my profile you will find I am a factory trained 15yr master Mercedes technician and have a wealth of knowledge with these cars. So if you want to continue let me know. I go to great lengths to assist my clients and will make sure you are satisfied before ending the chat. But it's totally up to you. Let me know how you wish to proceed. Have you even read my post ? It is very detailed and explains your options. Just let me know what you wish to do and I will respect that and we can move forward. Lou